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Today, I found out that my girlfriend had replaced our picture in her locket for a picture of Taylor Lautner shirtless. FML
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I'm sorry but Twilight is shit. Vampires are supposed to be dark and intimidating not gay shirtless sparkling guys. Twilight is an unrealistic fantasy for shallow pre teen girls.

get a picture of a hot girl and set it as your phone background. But make sure the girl is actually hot. I can't tell much about Taylor because everything about Twilight makes my skin crawl.


I'm sorry but Twilight is shit. Vampires are supposed to be dark and intimidating not gay shirtless sparkling guys. Twilight is an unrealistic fantasy for shallow pre teen girls.

I'm sorry but a vampire is not going to come and swoop you away. Please snap back to reality.

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Taylor isn't a vampire...he's a werewolf. and pretty darn sexy!!

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Taylor lautner isn't even a werewolf. that's his character in twilight, but yeahh he's pretty damnn sexyyy ;)

he's hot and all but it's his kid voice that's a turn off too

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Too bad Blade wasn't involved with twilight.

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haha all above comments made me laugh and twilight sucks Underworld is way better sexy Kate beckinsale

Taylor lautner was better as Sharkboy anyway!! twilight sucks!!

Who's Taylor Lautner and what is Twilight?

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you are better off not knowing

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Taylor is not a werewolf. he's human. Nuh. and if you insist he's actually an animagus because werewolfs only change at the full moon whereas Jacob can change almost anytime he wants.

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Dude u have no idea wat u r talkin bout just shut up. Twilight is the shit so back off so wat if the vampire has feelings its a movie! and vampires dont have 2 be dark and intimidating they r mithical creatures! duhhhh

#160, go to MLIT. Twitards don't belong here.

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I think Alucard should come in and shoot both of them.

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rocco, dont say youre sorry, speaking the truth is not a public offense.

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# 169 ... I love you. Am I the only one who sees way too many similarities between the Twilight plot and Buffy The Vampire Slayer? Plagiarism much? Thanks to Twilight morons my generation will now be known as the generation who liked sparkly fangless vampires. F Our Lives.

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@170, you reinforce the whole "if you're attractive, you're dumb" stereotype.

Twilight wouldn't pee me off as much if it wasn't for people as obsessive as this.

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ah... i feel your pain my friend V_V Twilight truly is a massive pain in d bum..

all I can say is, guys who put shirtless pics of themselves up for display pics are ****** losers.

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you really think we don't know this picture is fake?

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Oh yeah, I totally agree. Castlevania owns twilight any day.

#39---agreed! I liked vampires until Twilight...ugly British men that hate children and play vampires that sparkle don't turn me on ew! but Taylor Lautner...Sexy beast :)

I agree, Taylor Lautner Must be hotter than you

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You got that from a previously posted FML. :p o.O

twilight movies wer gay but tat doesnt mean i dnt find taylor hawt ;)

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ughh it's irritating how hateful you all are. Get an imagination. I love twilight, and Taylor is hot !

all "vampire lovers" and faggots please watch. Hellsing OVAs those are true vampires not sparkly fairies.I can rant why twilight but I won't since it would raise my blood presure.

Yes, you're way better off not knowing. You don't want to know, trust me. I wish I was you and didn't know

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lol agree he's hot today some one said I looked like him now I wanna hit the gym to cut my body lol

which is why you'll remain single for the rest of your life #2

lol yea, I don't blame the girl at all!! he's a cutie

**** gaylor, if she had ezio or altair, THAT would be awesome

Taylor Lautner plays 'Jacob Black', a Quileute Shapeshifter. He can Shapeshift into a werewolf. Taylor/Jacob is not a vampire. Also, I am not a pre-teen girl, and I am a hardcore fan of The Twilight saga. Not everyone who likes something is what everyone claims those fans are. Open up your minds people, Stop bashing a good series, Especially when Native Americans are in it. When do you EVER see Native Americans in ANYTHING? Show respect for the fans, the author, the cast and crew, society, and especially YOURSELVES.

I have to agree, im so sick of the films, they look TERRIBLE and it's just giving the books a bad name, which are actually rather good. I think i hate the fans more than anything.

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I'll show respect to those who earn it. When it becomes a good series, I'll respect it

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this wouldnt be an issue if twilight fans would stfu so they wouldnt piss the rest off the world off

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the problem is that the stereotypical fan is either a 13 year old giggly girl, or a 40-year-old mother. it's these people that give twilight fans a bad name.

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I like twilight but your taking it a little overboard

Eww. Taylor Lautner looks like a little boy. Come on, girls. I can accept Robert Pattinson, but Taylor Lautner?

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I can't accept either one of them.

That's because Pattinson is 26 and Lautner is 17 or something like that..

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Robert is worse looking than Taylor... yuck!

oh please Rob Pattinson looks like a homeless drugdealer off the street

he's so tiny. he just looks short, and he has such a baby face. it's actually kind of desturbing.

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Yes!!!!! The Twilight Saga strikes again! Seriously girls, get over Twilight guys. They're really not that hot. And OP, FYL. No guy deserves that lol.

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what sane girl wuldnt do that?

well, in her defense, Taylor is hot as he'll

Is Taylor launter the werewolf guy from twilight? because he is so not cute. bleh. his nose is ugly. OP, FYL. :(

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I see common ground, not much of a problem is it? Unless you don't like to look at it.

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Is taylor a girl or guy? lolz

I like how you pretended not to know who Taylor Lautner is.