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Today, I went to my boyfriend's apartment to surprise him with breakfast only to find that his other girlfriend had beat me to it. FML
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Ugh, let him feed his own sorry ass. He's not worth the 2 chicks and free breakfast :s


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dump his ass. he has no reason to be with you if he's such a damn douchebag oh and first comment: you're a loser I hope you know.

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Being first on FML is overrated. However, being early to rise, first to your boyfriend's house is apparently a skill OP hasn't picked up on yet.

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@23 -LOL Great observation...

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#1 you are an idiot. On a side note, perhaps OP already knew about the girlfriend and this is more of an FML geared towards her being beat to his apartment. Boo.

22- lol I was thinking the same thing :)

See if you came with a sammich he would have kicked the other bitch to the curve! Now you know, and knowing is half the battle'

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People say "threesome" in these situations so much it isn't funny anymore.

Dump his ass. No one should ever be cheated on. I am a guy and never understand why other guys cheat. Boys do that shit. Men stay faithful.

#1 ewwwwww and yeah that does suck. time for a new boyfriend?

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Have a breakfast throwdown with her to see who makes a better meal. He picks winner.

Happy ending will make him choose you;)

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#18 r u PMSing? no need to take it out on other peopl :(

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fly over to Africa, pick un African and bring him back to America, tell him (in click language) to shoot a dark into his other girlfriends neck to knock her out, take her (while unconcius) to an old abandoned slaughter house and hang her by her intestines!

Well you are in utha become a Mormon :)

Well you are in utah become a Mormon :)

# 1; are you retarded? And that really sucks OP, hope you will date a better boy next time.

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Well, I bet YOU were surprised.

Bawwwwwww, OP, you poor little thingie, come and I'll give you a hug. This is just not cool, when you try to do smth good and all you get is... ;(

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I hope you smeared that breakfast all over his walls! he would've had a great time cleaning it up!!!

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yes everyone, let's comment on the first one even though it has nothing to do with what we're about to say.

lmao he's a moron..y would he give both or 1 gf keys ? lol

******* amazing and funny. I tip my hat to you sir

I'm replying to first with nothing relevant to say to his/her comment or anyone else's, am I doing it right?


7 - Probably more like two women hit the drive thru on the way over, sure sign in 5 years they'll be 50lbs heavier

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way to get super serious 162.It was a joke, and assuming she caught them together, if she threw it on the boy it would get on the girl.Pretty sure you are an asshole.Go **** yourself.

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**** off you sensitive ****

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shouldve been earlier, like they say, the early bird gets the worm... or is it the bagel?

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maybe one day is for girlfriend #1 and the other day is for gf #2... break up with him and eat the breakfast lol

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Your boyfriends FML is like. I was at home chilling with my girl and my crazy stalker loser ex girlfriend shows up with breakfast and ***** up the mood. As if were still together.

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2, exactly what I was thinking

52- That's exactly what I was going to say!

#149: Was that supposed to be deep or something? Because it wasn't.

Haha!! They modded out your gay-ass poem! LMFAO!!

What the hell? I didn't break a single rule in that post. Lame.

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look on the brightside at least you can now eat the breakfast you made

rhat could be a good opp for a 3some did do miss it? i bet u didn' tell all

Yay!! Another pic that is totally the opposite of hetero-sexual. That's just great.

Dammit i said you pic is gay!! Where did my comment go?

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haha! he does kind of look like him : p

Smart boyfriend. Or ex-boyfriend now, I hope.

Guess you were the one who received the surprise. Sorry OP, that's too bad. Time to kick rocks.

11- I'm pretty sure her boyfriend was just as suprised, or, in the very least, extremely happy and/or excited while hoping for a threesome.

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Ooooo that's a nice way to find out someones cheating on youu heyy babe want some wuevos ? Oh crapp whose this ?