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  ltrtbt666  |  0

#1 you are an idiot. On a side note, perhaps OP already knew about the girlfriend and this is more of an FML geared towards her being beat to his apartment. Boo.

  Slappyzezima  |  0

fly over to Africa, pick un African and bring him back to America, tell him (in click language) to shoot a dark into his other girlfriends neck to knock her out, take her (while unconcius) to an old abandoned slaughter house and hang her by her intestines!

  xBangOut  |  4

Bawwwwwww, OP, you poor little thingie, come and I'll give you a hug. This is just not cool, when you try to do smth good and all you get is... ;(

  unmadebed  |  0

way to get super serious 162.It was a joke, and assuming she caught them together, if she threw it on the boy it would get on the girl.Pretty sure you are an asshole.Go fuck yourself.

  RGHTre  |  0

11- I'm pretty sure her boyfriend was just as suprised, or, in the very least, extremely happy and/or excited while hoping for a threesome.