By MissTrix - 29/10/2010 00:58 - United Kingdom

Today, my boyfriend decided he hates my male best friend because they have "conflicting interests." My best friend's response? "What's his gamertag so I can shoot him in Halo?" FML
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Your best friend sounds awesome, tell him.

the best friend sounds cooler than the bf


Your best friend sounds awesome, tell him.

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epic!! I love your best friend!

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Why would yu tell him what yu'r boyfriend said?

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Ok #35....That was actually pretty funny. lol

<_< Why does bad grammar bother you so much #35? Stop been nosy. No, the world does not revolve around comment!

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43, stop being so nosy. The world doesn't revolve around Ignorance's comments. You're an idiot.

46, you are a stuck up. Are you her maid now? I bet you are ;)

46 and 53 - FML might be revolving around both of you and it's quite annoying so please stop.

Hey, hey! Settle down monkey-boy/girl. I couldn't help but notice Ignorance's lashing comments. Some people are stupid, so? I doubt they would appreciate been put on the spot. :(

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53, I'm a stuck up what? :) So because I'm defending a friend, I'm automatically her maid. Yes, that makes perfect sense.

Well you obviously do her dirty work. Back to the point, why can't you ladies be nice for once? We don't have a use for crankiness in this world.

You must be using the term "ladies" very loosely.

Yeah, that's right. I misspell words sometimes, so? English is not my native language. I don't expect perfection, you shouldn't either...

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71, who said anything about perfection? Didi, you're welcome.

Last comment: You females picked my comments and scanned them, like some robots, for errors. Yet, you said "who said anything about perfection". You don't have to say it, your actions speaks it all. So let's leave it like that. I'm getting tired. :[

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79, I never corrected you. English wasn't my first language either, nor was it my second. I apologise if I offended you in any way. :]

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Yuggi, it would probably be healthier to keep the maid fantasies to yourself. :P Ladies, putting aside the "maid" comment, you gotta admit his English is better than most. If you want proof, go to and look through my hometown. You'd get a brain aneurism trying to correct it all. lol

HEY MODS! YES YOU... OVER THERE!! Hi, how ya doing. Just curious why you guys allow these immature cat fights to remain on here even though they have NOTHING to do with the FML. FML for having to scan through this crap to find good comments. OP- your friend is effin hilarious! Tell your bf to stop being jealous.

lol I love how many comments have been moderated here xD anyway back on topic... haha OP your mate is a legend :P

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Lmao!! I'm upset that I can't read all of the comments, but it's almost just as entertaining to see every comment as moderated. =P

everyone knows ps3 > xbox360. however halo > ps3 games.

OP - at least he didn't try to shoot him in real life. Count your blessings.

138 - Both are equal overall. PS3 has better graphics/processing, free internet accessability, and is now just as cheap as an X-Box. The X-Box has a better controller layout, an interface that is more in-depth and connected, and hardly any red ring of death any more because of the jasper (I think; not sure what the exact name is) processor/whatever it is.

maybe you could get with her or something

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35, are yu really sucking the way I spell?

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hahahaha 35 ur do funny lmao

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Lol, I had an ex ask that. Boys will be boys.

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lol yea the will. so you going to give it to him!?

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Nope. Never did and I don't talk to him anymore. It was funny tho. So random.

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So they have "conflicting interests," but they both play Halo? Sounds like a Grade A excuse to be a doucher to a guy he thinks is competition.

wow OP how is that an fml? ydi for thinking that way all guys I know play some video game that their addicted to weather it's call of duty..halo..assassin creed...left 4 dead...or even bejeweled ...thts no fml thts normal

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don't blame all of them pretty cuz if u do I won't have a food chance trying making u a friend

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Only guys?:( We need more girl gamers so we can dominate;)LOL oh, and City of Heroes<3 Combat Arms <3 P.S Only spelling corrections are welcome, no grammar corrections (grammar annoys me;)

l4d2 <3 tf2 <3. I am also a fellow girlgamer. (^_^)b

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LMAO!!! That's more funny than an FML!!!

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roflmao what the hell let them work it out threw a video game. u should leave them both if that's how they work threw conflicts.

This is fake. No one says "gamer ID," it's either Gamertag or PSN ID. In this case obviously it's gamertag since it's for the 360 only.

139 - Maybe she's not a gamer and just typed incorrectly. It doesn't mean it's fake, just that OP was informed enough to avoid that mistake.

what's his gamertag????? he soubds awesone xD lol

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I love ur picture n love that movie :)

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Anyone else thought it was weird how #4,#7,#8 both have the word sounds in it?

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I was thinking the same thing! lol

same, but it's not as though you didn't understand what she wrote.

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If you wanna get technical, gamertag is one word.

the best friend sounds cooler than the bf

I know. Now we know why her bf didn't like him - he was scares of replacement. Rightfully so.

That sounds hilarious. Your friend is cool.

Better than "What's his address so I can shoot him IRL?".

Not an FML. Least he's not actually going to shoot him. So, be thankful for that.

its called a ****** gamer id not gamer tag

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Probably should mention capitalization errors too, was the start of a sentence after all.

the correct name for what you call gamer id is gamertag

Wow...classy. Your mommy needs to wash your mouth out with bleach little girl. (or your dumb maid could do it)

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61, are you referring to me? If you are, I'm not a little girl. Secondly, I don't curse as much as other idiots do. Read most of my comments and you'll realise that I don't curse. If I do happen to curse, it's because I copied someone's sentence and tweaked it.

14, calm down nerd. Different name, same idea.

Haha! I wonder how many of the gamertag/gamer ID commenters are the same people that whine about the Grammar Nazis? Attention to detail isn't so ******* unimportant now, is it?

you know you're ****** if this is a big deal