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Today, I found out that when you kick another man in the snowglobes and he smiles at you, there's something creepily wrong. FML
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lindseyluvszac 4

Yes, but still, why did you kick him in the first place?

gunmania0 12

it's pleasurable!


gunmania0 12

it's pleasurable!

xbella 8

and you would know this why???? ..

iSitt 0

because he's a dentist

well :P the guy must be messed ;P but he must be a freak if he finds getting KICKED pleasurable

or he's a masochist

raider27 7

Well when a guy gets kicked there hard enough, his teeth feel good

it's because op "made it rain".... or snow...

IBeBlazin 0

Congratulations you just found the only man in the world with actual balls of steel lol.

you just kicked chuck norris...and lived

Orcina1 3

I've been in that exact same situation a few times except I was the one getting kicked. didn't hurt.

krazy_glu3 0

as long as he didn't get a boner afterwards....

XxAmygirlxX 0

I read this as licked insted or kicked first lmfao.


I think the real question is, what kind of self-respecting guy kicks people in the nuts? Be a man, duel it out!

Andrew1122 0

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ImFrackinBored 13

Go with him he may give you a cherry Nyquil Popsicle if you help him find his puppy....

itsgen 16

little dick!

Moments later, the real fml was realized when the man's snow globes suddenly released the snow inside.


snowglobes ?????? I dnt get it? Xmas isn't for months ...

just because something is round like balls doesn't make it a good euphemism for balls aka snowglobes

Actually, it's perfect. Granted, balls are shaped more like single nut peanuts, but still. They're roundish and have 'snow' inside them.


lindseyluvszac 4

Yes, but still, why did you kick him in the first place?

nice expression "snowglobes"

I giggled when I saw "snowglobes".

He offended his honor but Op didn't have a dueling glove

NastyNinja31 0

"love buds" to "snowglobes"

TheChampagneBoi 5

Haha snowglobes

chickunkey 0

I have always called em the sperm globes.

143- I thought that FML said "love spuds" not "love buds."

You should have ran.

Run, not ran.

hey im Corey :) text me at 360-631-9989

I'm sorry that my grammar does not appropriate up to your standards.

Ran seems correct to me.

ImFrackinBored 13

How do you smile after something like that O_o

ZenJen88 0

It's not correct, it should be run.

Cryingraven 1

Fucking grammar notzis

talensledge1 0

I have to correct this I'm sorry but it's Nazis*

talensledge1 0

I have to correct this I'm sorry but it's Nazis*

106, which is why I corrected it. Like you, many don't know 3rd grade English.

Cereal_Is_Good 5

Genesisnirvana, every one of your comments that I've seen have just made yourself seem uneducated.

Thank you for that lovely statement.It's a good thing that I only seem uneducated.Imagine the horror if I actually was uneducated.

No worries, cereal's username makes them seem uneducated.

He is correct. All FMLs are published several days after they are posted due to the moderation process. Ran is the past tense of run, so thus, ran is the correct verb. See, you learn something new every day.

MCVelvet1497 3

Sleep well tonight(:

are you sure it was a guy? :P

im_bored_tired 12

if it was, it must have been Justin beiber. if not, it must have still been Justin beiber.

Laughing_Cow 0


Lucie_love 4

Dude look like a lady.

well you must have kicked him In the "smile creepily & ignore pain" acupuncture spot.

This is fml is a part Johnny English two haha

Hehehe sixty nine likes

Could have been a eunuch

iloveyou1266 4

third , but why did you kick him in the first place ?

you're not're seventh.

jazzybaby179 22

no shit sherlock

he's not sherlock either

GreenMaze 0

So you met bieber after all.

jazzybaby179 22


You're not third :p

peasonearth 8

6th dumbass

TheHoboWerewolf 0

#8-Did it like a boss!

Why would you kick another man there? You're just asking for it.

lindseyluvszac 4

Maybe he secretly enjoyed it?

some people do find that sexually arousing....

I don't think it was secretly...