By BadatDIY - United Kingdom
Today, the maintenance workers finally came to my apartment to fix the shower-head that kept falling off the wall. I was annoyed because they had replaced it a few weeks ago and since then, it'd been a problem. They went into my bathroom, turned the shower head around, and left. FML
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  TheDoge  |  0

I don't understand your description allmidnighteyes, so please accept my apology if I mis-understood you, but my understanding of OP was that she hadn't screwed her shower head in properly. Just as you would tighten... nut and bolts, the maintenance guys just screwed it in.

  StaticDown  |  0

I kind of thought that the reason it kept falling off was cause it wasn't tightened enough and that's all they had to do and she's feeling crap cause she didn't realize it was something so simple and now she feels stupid. But I'm confused now since you brought up a different perspective...

  NeatNit  |  32

Either what the two above me said, or she's (rightfully) pissed that they left without fixing the problem. Either way YDI, for letting them leave without fixing it, or for being that stupid.

By  jts2  |  3

If I understand this right, you're pissed at them? If so, how.. stupid are you..?

If I understand this wrong, then it's just normal clumsiness. Get over it.

  Unfunktional  |  0

the op is obviously retarded, regardless of the the endless interpretations that can come from her post. Now on to more pressing matters...did she make the maintenance man a sammich?

By  myfriend_youfail  |  3

I'm assuming you rent, then?
Start taking pictures or video of whatever is broken, before and after the so-called "repairs". You could potentially sue the landlord or property manager for breach of contract (providing they knew their repairmen weren't doing their jobs). Get evidence, then go to court if this has happened several times.


That's also assuming I read your FML correctly. It's very confusing. Do you mean that they didn't fix anything, just came in, dicked around and left, in which case your shower still has problems? Or do you mean that they came in and solved a very simple problem for you and you're now kicking yourself for not noticing something so obvious?

I'm assuming the former.

  midnight_rain  |  0

That made absolutely no sence. It says right in her post that they turned the shower head around, then left.
Meaning they fixed a very simple problem.
Wow. Maybe read more carefully next time...


The FML was worded quite awkwardly, so I wasn't sure what the poster was referring to that made her life so fucked. God forbid someone doesn't understand something, right? OH Lordy Lordy, it's a crime against humanity! Save me Jeebus!


Personally, to me, "turning the shower head around" means that they reversed it and put it into the wall and screwed her all the way around, so don't give him/her a hard time about misinterpreting meaning...the OP didn't describe well, so consider other interpretations before you act like a dick next time.

By  area51avenger  |  0

I'm pretty sure what shes saying is they replaced the shower head, but didnt tighten it fully so it kept moving. So they came back and all they had to do was tighten it.