By anyomous - 26/06/2010 03:19 - United States

Today, I bought tickets for my friends and me to go to a concert. While I was in the shower, they ditched me and took my girlfriend. FML
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just to be clear, those people are not your friends, real friends don't do shit like that. that's just wrong.


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9 because things make me laugh easily

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lol that's awesome, I bet she sucked em off during the car ride

Exactly #15, I was thinking the same thing. Maybe OP should find some new friends. And girlfriend for that matter.

they are gangbanging her right now ;)

so they had access to the tickets when you were showering?!?!!?!!? WTF!!!!!!

I don't understand this wigger language.

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And you call these people your friends why? And if she agreed to go in your place, why the hell is she your girlfriend?! I'm sorry OP, that really sucks. I'd key all their cars and egg their houses, and have the a cd by the band you were going to see blasting in my car, if I were you. Just saying, cuz that sucks.

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I think you mean my friends and I. Ydi for bad grammar.

39-lol on the wigger thing. As far as this FML is concerned, someone would be getting their ass kicked later. No mercy.

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#48 - Actually, "for my friends and me" is a prepositional phrase, so it requires a prepositional pronoun, which is 'me', not 'I'. (You would say "he bought a ticket for me", not "he bought a ticket for I".) Grammar correction FAIL.

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my friends and I.* - Grammar Nazi.

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#53 Way to police the grammar nazi.. ^^

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YDI for not bringing your girlfriend.

Why didn't you buy a ticket for your girlfriend in the first place? o.o

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48 you are actually wrong about the grammar. you wouldn't say "I bought a ticket for I to go to a concert". unless youre Jamaican or something lol. dumbass.

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oh check out this Bk scrandy beast kid who got pwned by #53. ha if anyone plays xbox live, you'll probably know what the first sentence means xD.

Nope. It's my friends and me. You wouldn't say "for I to go to a concert."

ydi for having a **** for a gf! ya I was wit ure friends 2

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Wow you were nice enough to take them with you to a concert and they do that to you? I would be so ******* pissed. Sorry, OP. Dump your girlfriend and your arsehat "friends." Oh and kick their butts.(: FYL

I was wondering that too, you were going with all your friends but not your GF? Although it doesn't say his friends took her instead. So idk, maybe the GF is just a bitch :)

wow. ur friends are assholes for taking ur girl and ur girl is a bitch for going with them! ditch them all IMO

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their doing her family style

Why didn't you buy a ticket for your gf also?

Damnnn. I wouldn't really call them friends.

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Oh next time get fake tickets and let the same thing happen.

the only funny grammar nazi anything is on college humor look it up

To all you people saying they're assholes: Yes, but shouldn't he have already showered a long time before that?

I'd glue the cd to their car..or no, actually, f that. I'd print out a bunch of pictures of the bands logos and paste them to their car. I forgot what it was, but there's some condiment that when used to paste things to cars will rip off the paint when removed (unless done professionally--which we know costs lots of money :D ) actually I wouldn't do any of that shit. I'd just disown them and hold onto my hate and ire as I cried myself to sleep at night. No, actually I wouldn't cry. Well maybe over the girl. Actually no, she's obviously a trollop. Not worth emocide, not in the least. **** EM ALL.

No shit!!!! I'd be looking for some new friends, fast!!!!!!

Maybe they just got tired of waiting. Are they going to meet you there?

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I don't think if they were ganna meet him their they would take his gf just saying

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just to be clear, those people are not your friends, real friends don't do shit like that. that's just wrong.

Wow that sucks. if I were you, I'd be finding their girlfriends or the girls they like and be taking them out.........

Well, it kinda sounds like they gave his ticket to her.. Did he buy tickets, and exclude his girlfriend? Somebody felt bad.

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Haha, good friends ya got there chief.

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are you sure there your freinds. and your gf she went with them....hmmmm... get MAD!!

uhhm you said the whole "ditched me and took my girlfriend" as its implying you bought u and your friends tickets nit your girlfriend. in that case why in sams hell wouldnt you buy her one.

22 maybe he talked to his girlfriend earlier and said it was a boys night out...

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maybe this guy isn't a lil bitch and doesn't feel the need to spend every waking moment with his gf, jeez. ohhh a night without my bf what ever will I do? come on man.

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