By coolcocoxxx - 25/08/2012 06:53 - Canada - Mississauga

Today, I found out that my crush didn't remember calling me beautiful, telling me he liked me, or any of the other romantic things he said to me while drunk last night. He did however remember me promising to bake him cookies. FML
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coolcocoxxx tells us more.

For anyone wondering, he didn't get the cookies. And it was before he started flirting with me... His birthday was coming up soo

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heytrollhey 12

The drunken mind speaks the sober thoughts.

Better get started on those cookies ^_^


Better get started on those cookies ^_^

Gotta wonder if she promised the cookies before or after he said that :)

Most guys are simple... Food and sex... Now get to baking and buy some condoms.

Or just put laxatives in the cookies as revenge

perdix 29

Those cookies ain't gonna bake themselves!

ilikeboys31 7

Drunken words are sober thoughts.

He's probably just in denial, now get cookin' !!!

For anyone wondering, he didn't get the cookies. And it was before he started flirting with me... His birthday was coming up soo

thrAsHeRr9081 16

Really, OP, you're 13 and your crush was drunk? Hmm.

Umm...couple=2 and 13+2=15...I still see an issue here.

DoxIxHAVExTo 10

Even if he was legal to drink, that means a couple of years = about 8 years. Which makes it a bigger issue.

PYLrulz 17

Coolcoco, I see one of two problems. You haven't updated your age, or you have some wild child tendencies. I say it's time some parents stepped in

I never said I was drinking? I don't drink

106- the drinking age in canada is 19, and (correct me if im wrong, OP) OP's profile says she is 14, so thats just a five year difference (still kind of an issue). there may not even be real romance between them (correct me if im wrong again) it could just be like one of those celebrity crushes where you imagine yourself with them and they don't even know you exist.

The real problem here is how the OP misuses a question mark to end a statement in #110. It's not a question? So don't end with a question mark? It makes your writing look passive-aggressive and shitty?

I find dirty about the previous sex/drinking references now. Please OP, don't take any of this stuff seriously, you're way too young to be hanging out with older drunk guys. I know I probably sound preachy, but you'll look back in a couple years and be happy you took your time.

Well, the Canadian drinking age is 18-19 depending on the province. However, I still see a bit of a problem with 13 year old OP and 19 year old crush..

I'm guessing it depends where she lives. I have no idea about the rest of the country, but here in Quebec (although the legal drinking age is 18) a good percentage of kids are already drinking by age 16. Chances are he was either underage (making the age difference not that big a deal) or he's 18 and OP has a typical futile teenage crush :3

In some parts of Canada its 18 (like AB) or 19 (Like ON).

Get him drunk again, and this time record the video :-)

He probably remembers, but won't mention it for fear of being embarassed

39-I hope that you are not just an idiot and instead were actually trying to mock 2 saying to record the video but either way the way in which you said it just failed because, to answer your question, someone would record a video as a way to have proof of what happened.

I'm sure he remembers but just doesn't want to acknowledge it.

heytrollhey 12

The drunken mind speaks the sober thoughts.

Exactly, at least he had nothing bad to say to you!

LiyIa_fml 8

Maybe now OP can start making some moves on him. :)

#3, Unfortunately, the drunken mouth then mixes sober and drunk thoughts indiscriminately. And why is our 13-year-old OP with a drunk guy? Run, OP!

or he can't remember your reaction, so is trying to act dumb. People are far more honest drunk than sober.

Not always... There are people who are drunk who hunt want sex too, but it's still more likely that he is playing dumb. Just depends how drunk he was. Cookies could be her shot lol.

Now that is what you call selective hearing. Sorry op! Don't make the cookies, I don't think he deserves them! :)

Why would you do that to a person? D: no one deserves to have their cookies taken away!

KiddNYC1O 20

It's what cookies do, don't take it personal =]

Make him eat the cookies off of your breasts.

Oh god what the ****? At the same time, I HAD to thumb this up...

Knowing OP is 14 just makes these comments worse...

Well I doubt she's THAT innocent that she would be corrupted by that comment. 14 doesn't seem to be so young these days.

They say a drunk mind speaks the true heart!

Not my experience it's just made me confused about what is the truth. Says he misses me, I'm perfect, we should be together but I deserve better, he loves me, etc- drunk. Sober- acts like I don't exist.