Cute but annoying

By Anonymous - 17/12/2010 17:08 - United States

Today, while on my honeymoon with my new wife, I tried to be romantic by installing a clapper to the lights in our room. As things progressed, the noise of our love making triggered the lights on and off repeatedly. She began to laugh and we ended up just calling it an early night. FML
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at least she has a sense of humour

This is the story you'll later tell your grandchildr-- wait, you have to actually have sex in order to ever have grandchildren.


at least she has a sense of humour

MizzErikaHart 8

what happened to ur old wife?

I guess that wasn't such a bright idea after all! But I gotta hand it to ya, it was a nice thought! Tell her how she's the light of your life, and how you love being with her, rain or shine(; At the very least you might get flashed!

I applaud you.

dudeitsdanny 9

#9- I don't know it the "flashed" pun was intentional, but it was my favorite. And I ammmm curious as to what was going on during the sex to make that happen. Was it your balls against her ass/thighs/...chin? Spanking? Paddling? Whipping? Slapping? Granny boobs flapping up and down? That last one was a nasty mental image.. Oh god. I truly am curious as to what was making that clapping noise.

Autoshot 9

The Clapper should know that when it hears ball-slapping going on it should switch into strobe mode.

iSitt 0

time for the op to install The Fapper.

RedPillSucks 31

^^ BWAHHH HAHAHAHAHA You can Fap ON, but you can never Fap OFF

the most amazing conversations start here on FML.

Sounds like a keeper.

9 are you gay?

7. new wife= just married not as in "newer" wife"

deliciouscake 3

your life sucks. life? talk to me about life.

haha, "bright" idea!


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jake040 3

true, but total fail lol

jake040 3

true, but total fail lol

zinkcalls 0

tell her she's the light of you life, but when things get rough, she will be gone in a clap

That is amazing. I want to try that

EffinToofer 3

Imma be clapping all night in this bitch!

lemon queezy motha fucka

Sounds kinky.

Asstastic4 0

i like ur pic lolz

MuchDance90s 0

it was likely intentional, captain obvious

yeah... real obvious

lizzyfizzy 0

Hah that's priceless!!

Sounds actually memorable and funny, not that bad really...

no sex on their honeymoon is actually pretty bad..don't you think?

This is the story you'll later tell your grandchildr-- wait, you have to actually have sex in order to ever have grandchildren.

Man, I wish MY grandparents had awesome bedtime stories such as that one!

love making is sex so even if it was a few minutes they could have kids you know :-/

thrAsHeRr9081 16

Not if he didn't finish, which by the sounds of it, he didn't.

we will never know but the main thing I wanted #6 to know is that making love is sex :-/

Omg, are you for real? -_-'

LMAO go ahead try it and let me know if it is =p

I had no idea a clapper was considered romantic! I'm guessing this couple are into spanking to be making the required sounds for clapper activation... either that or a couple of slappers.

haha that's so awesome. I don't know why my sick mind has never caught that

GotALife 11

You did something wrong than.

green_eyes124 0

You did something wrong when you typed "than" instead of "then".

How is a clapper romantic?