By caphis - 03/05/2009 06:17 - United States

Today, I got a cross-country job promotion. I decided to plan my Going-Away-Forever party, and bought a pack of 100 invitations. After mailing them out to all my friends, I have 92 left. FML
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8 close friends are better than 100 whatever friends!


fredwillkill 0

anyone can have 100 good quality friends if they try. childhood friends that you stay in contact with, etc... social people can have 100+ friends

Whereas shut-ins may have not so many...

ugk4life 0

But are those 100+ people really your friends or just people you socialize with? Most of those people wouldn't even think about bailing you out of jail.

A good friend will come to bail you out of jail, A best friend will be in jail with you saying "We screwed up".

And the worst friend would be going "His fault"

Chibineko223 0

wait? where does it say he has 8 friends?? jk but yea quality over quantity

Selsa_Squirrel 0

True. It`s not a real FML at all. I feel worse for his or her friends, seeing as the OP doesn't find them important enough to be grateful for. Guess we know even those '8' friends won`t last long.

its better to have a few good friends than many people who dont really care about you

She who has many friends, has none. Besides, having 100 friends would suck. Imagine all the birthday gifts you'd have to buy.

hahayou12345 0

You should have known how many invitations you needed. You deserved it since you probably ASSUMED you had 100 people to invite, when in fact you only have 8 friends. Seriously.

grazynaanka 0

Gotta listen to #1 OP. It's quality over quantity.

missbon 0

i spose they wouldnt have a party pack for 8 though. you should just have 12.5 different going away forever parties :)

8 close friends are better than 100 whatever friends!

#3 shut the **** up. Your one of those people who comment on every single FML thinking your the shit. The fact of this FML is that he only had 8 friends, not that he wasted his money on the cards. Go **** youself :)

Definitely quality over quantity, but you should be fully aware of this before you decide to buy a pack of 100. Even if I technically know 100 people well enough to invite them to a party, I don't really think I'd want to.

The_Cait 0

Aw, I'm sorry. To be honest...there aren't many people I would want to invite to such an event, either. So long as the friends you have a TRUE friends, don't worry about it! The people who could send out 100 invites are often faking connections that aren't really there