By legotron - 17/10/2009 05:18 - United States

Today, I left work at 11pm. It was cold and dark, and I was anxious to get home, so I cut across some soccer fields to get to my car. About halfway across, the sprinklers came on. FML
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cm1315yo 0

well, at least you were heading home.


First! And that sucks ha! Don't take shortcuts!

Ajjas013 6

Oh no!... NOT. Pretty lame if you ask me.

I wouldn't call this an FML, sprinklers usually go around in circles all you have to do is avoid them... two seconds of running involved...

cm1315yo 0

well, at least you were heading home.

hey at least your car hadn't been stolen

Unless you're a witch this is a retarded fml

It's not, because if it's cold and your car is wet, the water freezes and you can't open the doors .

You're forgetting that they live in California 57.

Not even that bad. If you were going somewhere else, like to work or a date, then that might be a problem.

lol is this how u looked like after?

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Dude, he's really cold and he can't see, when you're absolutely shivering and then you have cold water on you, you might as well get frostbite, and that's very serious there. To OP, That really sucks man, I would've been so mad and just kick those little sprinkler in the ground.

Atamix 0

im sure his car has a heater of some sort... if not then he should start worrying about frostbite

Raffie_fml 0

hahaha. that sucks, especially if it was really cold. FYL