By Anonymous - 18/02/2014 19:49 - Virgin Islands, U.S. - Kingshill

Today, while getting intimate with my boyfriend, he started sucking on my breast. He ended up popping a pimple on it into his mouth. He threw up and that, as they say, was the end of that. FML
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BobRoss9 8

I feel like he should write his own FML

You could call it *puts on glasses* Titty pop


Wow... he is a keeper.

Because sucking pus is sooo sexy. -_- I would have dashed to the bathroom and had a nice date with the toilet if that had happened to me.

Guys I think we're missing the complete irony of OP being from the Virgin islands.

You sir, are a god

Is that the only place women have pimples on their boobs?

heyyyaubrey 9

seriously..boob acne cannot be normal.

#102, *their, and gross.

USxWolfCatxUK 16

#103 Actually, boob acne is pretty common for a lot of women.

No wonder they are all virgins then...

incoherentrmblr 21

Vomiting ends everything...

Sorry OP that really, sucks.

arronu 9


Sorry, pardon my pun, I just had to.

Did you?

oh lord....

38, No, you didn't, actually...

aww :( sorry about that, and about having pimples on ya bobbie :(

More like sorry to anyone who had to read your comment, I suggest more time with a dictionary and less time using emoticons.

What's a "bobbie"?

Hank Hill's son.

SarahSehhati 40

#78 You made me laugh like no other thank you!!! Omg!

Either that was the funniest thing i ever read or this weed got me messed up. Either way i can't stop laughing! Greatness is upon you!

You could call it *puts on glasses* Titty pop

\ 28

#5, really? Really? Just really?

He popped the wrong cherry

#9, considering that comment is currently at 226 thumbs-up and your's has 60 thumbs down, I'd say: yes, really.

#98 *my nigga starts playing in the background*

Damn. I can't claim that I would act differently. Though I don't know If I would have thrown up.

BobRoss9 8

I feel like he should write his own FML

I agree hahaha

Jeez I know, he hardly deserve zit!

purrypie 9

I get the feeling it's soon to come ! :D

Time for some ProActive body wash.

If you have anything embarrassing against him, now is the time to use it

I thought the FML was over, but nope, it then went and got even worse.

I don't think a simple is what popped on your chest

I don't think it was a simple either. I think it was a pimple.

Sorry pimple isn't saved into my phones dictionary so it changed it :(

No excuses!

#24, Do it manually before submitting your comment. Proofreading is your friend.

MrGymnastic 12

Especially online whear everone is a gramar nazi. Because they can SEA youre misake. Did I do good?