Today, while getting intimate with my boyfriend, he started sucking on my breast. He ended up popping a pimple on it into his mouth. He threw up and that, as they say, was the end of that. FML

By Anonymous - / Tuesday 18 February 2014 19:49 / Virgin Islands, U.S. - Kingshill
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By  Madridsta1999  |  7

You could call it *puts on glasses* Titty pop

By  TheCrispyCat  |  20

Wow... he is a keeper.

  Alvarortor  |  14

You sir, are a god

  naw_fml  |  18

It's there thing. ;)

  heyyyaubrey  |  9

seriously..boob acne cannot be normal.

By  leary96  |  15

Sorry OP that really, sucks.

  leary96  |  15

Sorry, pardon my pun, I just had to.

By  gabygabs  |  8

aww :( sorry about that, and about having pimples on ya bobbie :(

  SarahSehhati  |  40

#78 You made me laugh like no other thank you!!! Omg!

  MikeyScene420  |  17

Either that was the funniest thing i ever read or this weed got me messed up. Either way i can't stop laughing! Greatness is upon you!

By  Madridsta1999  |  7

You could call it *puts on glasses* Titty pop

  Booda_Shun  |  28

#5, really? Really? Just really?

By  Spyingcheeseman  |  8

I don't think a simple is what popped on your chest


Sorry pimple isn't saved into my phones dictionary so it changed it :(

  MrGymnastic  |  12

Especially online whear everone is a gramar nazi. Because they can SEA youre misake. Did I do good?

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