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Today, I went to school prepared to speak in front of a whole bunch of kids and talk about how great my middle school is. I spent an hour on the speech and took the 45 minute drive there. Turns out the coordinator of the school only called me in to pass out brochures. FML
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gottaloveit97 tells us more.

I wrote this before I made an account. I just wanted to say that I wasn't detailed enough. She told me we were speaking. I no I didn't misunderstand because there were other girls and they made notecards. anyway thank you for the responses to my FML and btw, for whoever asked up above, yah I go to a gifted kids middle school :) thank you !!

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Irony: "I'm not stupid I no what I was doing."


you should have done your speech anyways. students would have phased you out, but some might listen instead of just recycling the brochure

Sucks. Next time, call ahead for information on what's expected of you.

Someone please explain this. You're a middle schooler recruiting elementary schoolers? Isn't that the kind of thing they usually reserve for colleges or at least high schools?

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Good, because I was about to correct it for you ;p

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In response to boners, up there.

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Why do you feel the need to call her a wench...? If she's in middle school that means she's about twelve or thirteen. I didn't know insulting children was cool.

It is cool, sarcasm is also cool. Replying to the correct comment is uber cool as well.

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Stronghand, it's cool you think cool is cool.(:

18- you do know this whole website is here to make fun of people's itty-bitty mistakes and laugh about it, do you not? No? Well my comment was not the worst comment, nor will it ever be. You're not going to live in a world with rainbows and gum drops as the happy songs of well fed children fill the air.

And to Susan, my delightful lady friend, yeah baby!

Wow. Calm down! Time of the month is it?

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stronghand.. ur comment #21 it's awesome an I agree with it.. ha ha