By gfg - 16/03/2009 18:48 - Romania

Today, my boyfriend and I decided to have sex at his house. When we got there, he checked his mail box first and noticed that his Wii game arrived. He sent me home so he can play. FML
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That's pretty lame. Who turns down sex to play video games, especially the Wii of all games?


he is obviously gay, cause only gay guys play wii. dump him. and fyl.

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#202 that's not a good argument

**** blocked by the gayest gaming console out there. Ouch

A brain dead man who was selected to run this country plays Wii what's your point...

If the Wii, the best-selling console, is gay, what does that make the Xbox 360?

An even worse console? No one said they were entertaining

Sex with you doesnt pleasure him that much then i guess.

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wow that kids a **** if he sent u home for a wii game........wii sucks

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Bubs_fml 0

That's pretty lame. Who turns down sex to play video games, especially the Wii of all games?

Oh-HO, here begins the console bashing! I love all these elitist fantards who see the Wii as a less-than mainstream console just because it doesn't have sex and violence and all the lovely little extras you get with a harder-working engine. I also love that they decide to shove their elitist bullhockey down everyone's throats. "Oh, Nintendo makes kids' games, they must suck, lol" seems to be the consensus among the idiotic mainstream. That just pisses me off. Congrats, you got GTA, now GTFO and lemme play mah Brawlz. ((Before you respond at all, I AM in a stable, healthy relationship. Yes, we are both gamers, though she less than me nowadays. Yes, our relationship is stable on all grounds. Yes, we've both done this. Yes, we're still together. No, we both don't have console prejudices (though she and I are Nintendo fantards 4 lyfe). Yes, I like all 3 consoles. L2G, nubs.))

no one cares what stupid console you or any body els likes every one got over loyalty to consoles when they realized the 360 breaks every 5 minutes the ps3 has no games and the wii can only spawn 3 zombies in dead rising

191 - more like every 5 years. My XBOX has only gotten RROD once, and it wasn't even because of the console. In dead rising on Wii, it can spawn hundreds of zombies. I've seen at least 300 games on PS3. Your argument is invalid.

187 must be on tumblr. They overreact to everything.

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he got a wii? you're never going to have sex again... have a nice life :P

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Wow you must be very dull and unexceptional then.

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don't take it too personally, Wii is prretty fun

Get him Wii fit and just play it in your underwear for him. That'll make it all better.

my imagination ran wild when I read that 8=====3 BONER

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what's wrong with the head of yur boner there, pardner?

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He can't do two things at once?

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oh that is sick... about like the post that says someone's boyfriend stops having sex to get a doughnut then comes back and eats it while having sex....