By SmoothTalker - 16/03/2009 17:40 - United States

Today, I had a meeting with my super-hot TA. When I got to her office, she complimented me for being early, to which I thoughtfully replied "oh I usually come early." She laughed. FML
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vonstrangle 0

"Today someone had a sense of humor and I didn't. FML"

it's ok. funny joke.


it's ok. funny joke.

prolly the funniest fml I seen

so.... she laughed at you f*** your life? really?

i did to so dont blame her xD

hellokittywhore 0

haha it's ok it will be a funny thing to talk about at you wedding!! :DD "Well it all started with *_____'s accidental revelation. since then I just can't keep my hands off him!" :DD

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More like; Bahahahhahahahahahha! or; Roflmfao!

cuttybuddy 0

That was your opening to be a conversation starter. Hope you capitalized on it, although I have my doubts...

AA357 0

This guy's a pussy. He should just laugh and go along with it.

Psh, you made her laugh. Not so bad.

TheBigWaffle 6

What I find funny is that OP's username is "SmoothTalker"

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thats what you get for having the nasty on your mind!

kellster 2

I would have laughed, too! Get a sense of humor, silly!

vonstrangle 0

"Today someone had a sense of humor and I didn't. FML"

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I agree with 8 :D

That's pretty good. Hahaha. I agree, you made her laugh (and you made many FMLers laugh too) so you obviously have what it takes. Good job, buddy!