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Today, I went to my boyfriend's house and sat around while he played video games. He turned to me and could see I was annoyed. Then he told his friends on XBox Live that he needed a 10 minute break to have sex with me. FML
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10 whole minutes? Plus he made it sound like a chore. And told all these strangers. Not cool. Leave him to his games.


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that's a keeper, for about ten minutes

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If you wanted him to stop don't just sit there all annoyed. Start kissing him, he'll stop.

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143 you're right. or show him your boobs so he can have a distraction..

Not cool at all. But I would never have this problem since me and my boyfriend play xBox together.

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Better than ull get in a backseat of ur car with a hooker ^^win

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when my brother and I where playing his girl was bored so my sis comes in and sees this and was like Jordan(her name) doesnt wanna see you play and he's like of course she does sylvia (his ex) loves watching me play. Jordan hates sylvia and doesn't let me mention her name.

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Maybe he feels he has to listen to her wining all day and pretend to pay attention. Maybe he feels she should be interested in HIS activities, i.e. XboxLive with freaks who want to know about his sexual life. Or maybe he's a jerk.

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what the **** do you think fml is? people's public lives? no it's their ******* private lives ******.

It's always the bitches.. lmao. Oh and it's Xbox. It doesn't matter. I just like grammar and punctuation, and popcorn.

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Actually it is grammatically correct to put a comma before "and" in a list.

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he was still wrong for not using a comma before on the first "and" since he used it on the second. not that I honestly care though.

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doesn't matter if he didn't put the comma before the first and, but he shouldve made the list like this "grammar, punctuation, and popcorn."

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He/she was treating "grammar and punctuation" as a single thing, I believe, so it was correct. Not that it even matters.

Last time I had popcorn while playing Xbox I got pwnd by the geth.

it should have been: I just like grammar, punctuation and popcorn. Isn't it wrong to have more than one 'and' in the list :-/ Oh, in aus it's wrong to put a comma before 'and'. maybe the dude thought it was wrong because he wasn't taught the American way.

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How do they teach you to do it in racist/nationalist prick school?

Hey, he squeezed you in for a quicky, you should be grateful!

Well, the PC is the graphic powerhouse for any game. Happens when a console is 7 years old.

It appears my comment is at the top of this thread :/

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Ha! I do that all the time! Except I have playstation network which is way better than xbox crap. :D

yep gonna have to use this as our console war post now they deleted our other comments ;( ps3 ftw!

please, for the love of all that is normal, do not breed. I'm not just referring to the op

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It's just so much better than xbox.

insanes just jealous he doesnt have a ps3 ;)

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I prefer both. Bet you haven't done it while playing...guess who haz? haha I Win!!! :D

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I am not sorry. It's late and I am delusional! don't be jealous ozmat :D

yeah I have to agree with Ozmat on this one. that's not normal

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damn I just agreed that I am weird. dammit!!

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That comment made me literally LOL haha you agreed

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what's your online ID? I add you.

lucky_mathaniel. what games do you play?

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currently own -black ops -mw2 -dead rising 2 -battlefield 2 -red dead redemption -worms 2(awesome dlc game) -world at war many more. listing all make me look like geek haha but I do love gaming.

so do I get to join the cool club if I have both a PS3 AND an Xbox 360?? lol

ok we share cod then haha but other than my cods I only got sport games

atomicJ 0

yes you can join. oh forgot to mention marvel vs capcom 3 just purchased when it was released. ha! :D

kindly, no I'm afraid not. you have evil in your house and Mimi your jokes arent funny :)

lol so I can join, but I can't? so am I a half member?? lol

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haha WTF is going on? I like cheese

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all my ps3 is good for is blu 360 is for gaming

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you sir are banned from this long line of messages! away with you! lol jk. xbox graphics suck donkey ears! ps3 ultimate game console. :D

Xbox wins, no doubt about it, we can start worrying about other things now, like ham vs turkey. I know roast beef trumps them both but we need a second place!

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yeah xbox is better if you are between the ages of 3 and 10. :D

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The Xbox and the PS3 are both excellent consoles. They both do have Pros and Cons, therefore I don't think anyone should have much of a preference.

Please take this boring thread to a game forum or something.

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let's see ps3 pros: everything ps3 cos: not enough time to play! :D xbox eats poop.

ps3 is the best and whoever says xbox is better I will track them down and kill them with their xbox

I'm going to say that turkey gets second. Cranberry sauce ftw.

#93 We honestly don't give a shit, stupid fanboy. I have a 360 and I prefer it to the PS3, though Im not saying that PS3 is shit. What are you going to do now, come and kill me with your stupidity ?

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Xbox has a higher graphic abilty than PS3. Ps3 mics suck, Everyone who plays cod on PS3 sucks dick. And good luck getting into a nonhacked game on mw2 on PS3. The only thinf you got on Xbox is the free online. Which doesnt matter because PS3 online is shit. Oh and 1 more thing Xbox has GOW annnndddd Halo what do you have? Shitty resistance and killzone3.

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You guys are fighting over game consoles... Please for the love of all that is good (and sexy) STOP! Besides graphics only matter if you have the right TV, and how is the CONSOLE better? You should at least be fighting over games... Oh, and XBOX FTW!

Xbox has a higher graphic ability? Lol. PS3 has blu-ray disk-based games. doesn't get any higher than that. now, please, people. be civil and take this console war somewhere where it is actually relevant. either that or just end it altogether. everyone has their opinions.

lmao, you're an idiot, blu-ray disks don't effect the graphic quality, just the storage... it's the actual system that powers the graphics

hey he's being nice in his own special way

10 whole minutes? Plus he made it sound like a chore. And told all these strangers. Not cool. Leave him to his games.

Gamers really need to learn to manage their time before getting into a relationship. I'm a dancer and that takes a lot of time for practice every single day, but I still take time to take care of my boys!

would you like a medal? gaming is far more important and intense

You have earned a trophy: Dancing machine!

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dancing on the wii dousnt count as real dancing.

I bet you're a virgin. I don't think that's going to change either. :/

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I agree ! or find a game that she can get in on too . my boyfriend is a gamer & we play Halo together all the time .

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Achievement unlocked - 50G "You actually have a life, unlike me..."

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I'm right with u! I'm a dancer and I still manage to make time for him. (:

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So... When you say "boys", do you mean your multiple boyfriends?

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#114 is getting thumbsed down... Why? That's a great idea!