By Anonymous - 26/03/2016 18:02

Today, my boss tried to fire me for not emailing him a screenshot to prove my email wasn't working. FML
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Some people are just born with less brain cells than others Op.


Some people are just born with less brain cells than others Op.

baybkayks 18

Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline

Did you point out the obvious to him? Though had you done that he may have fired you for insulting his "intelligence"

It just goes to show that higher rank does not equal higher intelligence. FYL, OP.

Ah, the lack of simple common sense! It's quite the unsolvable mystery, isn't it? I've been trying to figure that one one out, myself. Seeing as how my workplace is full of people like that.

Wow. Your boss must have had a mental blank

CheekyRaccoon 27

Did he also ask you to make his old blackberry phone have 4G?

The lack of common sense is definitely a good quality to have in a boss.

Sometimes people blank. I left a phone at a friends house and told them to text me when they'd be free to pick it up over Facebook on my PC and got mad when they didn't (best part is they actually did). Absolute lapse in all mental faculties. It doesn't justify it and he should still apologize; just like I did.

The world is filling up with more and more idiots every year, and somehow, they get to boss us intelligent people around.