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By Mug - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United Kingdom

Today, my boss made me work a longer shift than usual. Not because he needed me in, but just so I'd finish at the same time as his brat of a son, and give him a lift home. FML
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His nose would be brown if he was kissing ass but he wasnt... He had no choice it is his boss, he either complies or gets fired.

That isn't what brown nosing means. Brown nosing is when someone is kissing another person's ass to the point that their nose turns brown. Neither OP nor the son are doing that...as far as the FML is concerned, anyway.

I'm glad I didn't know that. Now I'm mentally scarred.

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Next time, google a phrase before you use it. :b

well OP could have refused the son a ride. "I'm not heading that way after work, sorry". then the boss paid him a longer shift for nada ;)

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What :( your boss is crazy! Can't u sue him for tht??!

Only an idiot would ever sue for something that trivial

Sure 69, you could try. Then you'd be out of a job and paying legal fees after it got laughed out of court. Seriously??? Sue?? Money waster and whiner, you are if you want to sue for things like that.

I think we all could have gone our whole lives without knowing what a brown noser is.

Every time I hear the word brown noser, I think of The Lizzie McGuire movie from when I was little, but after hearing 10's definition of the word, my childlike perception of that movie will forever be tainted.. I still love Miss Ungermyer though :)

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81, I think of the anime Desert Punk. It's hilarious :D

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love ur profile pic... im gana use it in geometry tomorrow

I hope the boss is chipping in for petrol!

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He really could have said no. Even in the military I have never once been told that I have to drive someone home in my vehicle. If he decided to feed into his boss's plan it's really on him. Simply saying you don't have the fuel or your clutch is wearing our would have dobe

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Absolutely. People who abuse their power and are like, "respect my authoritah" have a special layer of hell reserved for them.

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Sorry, it made me post twice, please delete this!

Petrol? Sounds so much cooler than gasoline.

I dunno 97, Metallica made gasoline sound pretty cool!

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Yea cause a taxis not a waste of money or anything, especially when you're going home from school.

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18- Just because they shouldn't waste money, doesn't mean the boss should use his status to take advantage of OP. "Oh, I didn't know you're leaving now! WOW, what a coincidence, you can drop off my son on your way home!" Cheap. What if OP had a previous engagement?

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3- We don't all have taxis available to us. 62- Pretty sure if it was a small child he wouldn't be working...

62, please point out where it says it's a small child for me.

You mean the boss? How is that a good thing?

Shit! I misread the FML. There is a special place in hell for people like me. I'm sorry :(

Well you don't deserve to burn in hell for a misread comment. If that were the case FML would be renamed Hell.

Dude, relax. It's okay. Why do so many apologise for making a bad comment? I think people are so scared to make a mistake on FML in fear they will be crippled with humiliation and condescending finger pointing, especially by some of the regulars. Honestly, it's not the end of the world if you make a mistake. Or even if you say something that not everybody likes. It's not a popularity contests. Just be yourself and speak freely, I'm sure someone will appreciate that.

That was so beautiful I almost cried.

It's an FML thread and I'll cry if I wanna, cry of I wanna!

...People kinda do that in everyday life too. It tends to make sense because you apologise for misunderstanding as you made a mistake. I suppose you could switch it up every now and then and just bitchslap anyone who notices, but I don't know how well that would go down.

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At least you got payed and he didn't just have you stay, still sucks tho

I really doubt he could get away with it without payment...

Just don't give him a ride, unless your car has a meter in it and a taxi sign I would either make him pay you or walk home

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Finally someone said don't give him a ride. Even if it is a lie op just say you have some previous engagement, and taking him home would be out of the way.

Please don't donate your kidney to your boss the way that lady did. She will still fire you. Did anyone else hear about that?

What a bitch, that is so messed up unless the kidney donater thought she was gonna get a free ride for life at that hob and was not doing her job....

No. But a similar FML was on here back last year where a girlfriend had one of her boyfriends kidneys and then she dumped him. Personally, I don't care for offal.

13-I would've asked for that kidney back or sued for the black market price of $267,000. That ******.

9-I actually heard about that this morning. What an asswipe. It reminded me of an episode of Lost where Locke's 'dad' conned him into donating his kidney to him. A sad story indeed.

15,27-Moral of the story: give no one your kidneys. OP, I hope you got overtime or at least a 'thank you.' And be glad you have two kidneys.

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After work make something up and say you are going in the other direction not straight home:)

Lock the son in your basement and hold him hostage until you get better working conditions. If your boss doesn't want him back, then...um...you now have a personal servant to do your bidding?