By BrokeButSmart - United States - Valparaiso
Today, my boss reprimanded me in front of the rest of the staff for "not following instructions" because I went to a company meeting. I have the email from him telling me to go to the meeting. He thinks I faked it. Unemployment sucks. FML
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  airforce987  |  20

I'm a littl confused on this one. You're in trouble for going to a meeting, for which you have proof you were told to go, and he's calling you out on "not following instructions" and that you "faked it"? I'm sorry, there is something more to this story we are not hearing. Either your boss was told that you did not go and he doesn't believe that you went, or the meeting he wanted you to go to is on a different date, or time. People don't just fire someone like this, even dumbasses. I know that if that happened to me, I would've thrown a fit, and refused to leave the building until the situation had been resolved, and my job back. Obviously you didn't care about your job enough to do that, or you didn't follow instructions. Even if your boss is impossible to talk to, you can always call up his boss and explain the story. YDI

  airforce987  |  20

Oh come on. NO ONE thinks there is more to this story? Bosses doesn't just fire people like that, even of they are a dumbass.

46 - Please tell me how. Thumbing down my comment doesn't let me know what's wrong with my opinion. I honestly want to hear why people don't agree with me.