By The_Taxman - United States
Today, my girlfriend of two years confessed that she'd gotten married. But not to worry: she only did it for "tax reasons." FML
The_Taxman tells us more :
I was the one who submitted this FML. She was a full-time girlfriend that I was committed very deeply to and had every intent of spending the rest of my life with. Then she sprang the whole "getting married to some other guy to help out with taxes" thing.
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  MILFSaregood  |  7

I think you should tell her that you slept with her friends if she has any..the only reason you did is because she sucks in bed then after throw poop her then leave her

  flockz  |  19

yes leave her for being a whore, then confess to sleeping with all her friends, and that she sucks in bed, and then throw your waste at her, and then walk out.

i'll take maturity for 400.

  BelleBelle_fml  |  11

Yea since she's the type of person that OP, or anybody for that matter, would just love to marry. She's just a manipulative, gold-digging, and lying bitch. Every Man's dream wife.

  TheNewGuy03  |  28

*|the kid|

There. My signature is now an error, and I have begun using capital letters in my sentences. My, times have changed.

Edit: Am I really that famous around here? Jeez.