By The_Taxman - 20/08/2011 22:20 - United States

Today, my girlfriend of two years confessed that she'd gotten married. But not to worry: she only did it for "tax reasons." FML
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The_Taxman tells us more.

I was the one who submitted this FML. She was a full-time girlfriend that I was committed very deeply to and had every intent of spending the rest of my life with. Then she sprang the whole "getting married to some other guy to help out with taxes" thing.

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leave her. for the reason of her being a *****.

Just be glad YOU weren't the poor sucker to marry her. Lucky escape is lucky.


Damn_Hippster 11

So don't worry OP it was only for tax reasons! But seriously that just sucks!

crazychick1269 7

wait did she get married to him?

Damn_Hippster 11
Damn_Hippster 11
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Damn_Hippster 11

Didn't mean to post twice, sorry my phone has downs. >:(

crazychick1269 7

well that's ok I recommend the iPhone:D

11 - no she didn't get married to him because obviously it wouldn't be an FML if she did. Unless she married OP for the tax reasons

why else do people get married other than for tax reasons?

Mariage definition - Tieing half of your money and a ring to somebody who could easily betray you. :D

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Yup, it most definatley does suck....

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Ummm...listen to her?Don't worry?

One shallow, immoral bitch you got there pal.

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"tax reasons" = bigger mushroom tip.

on and off as in she is off your dick and on his?

Wow the mods changed my comment from "Wow that sucks" to wow bat socks. WTF???

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leave her. for the reason of her being a *****.

I think you should tell her that you slept with her friends if she has any..the only reason you did is because she sucks in bed then after throw poop her then leave her

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yes leave her for being a *****, then confess to sleeping with all her friends, and that she sucks in bed, and then throw your waste at her, and then walk out. i'll take maturity for 400.

Tell her you only got a civil union with her husband for the healthcare insurance.

This relationship is not stereotypically associated with Mormons.

DAILY DOUBLE!!! *pew-pew, pew-pew noise*


Taxes! You should kick the IRS in the nuts!

Why they didn't do anything but their job

129- Also is a cop who pulls someone over for going 5 mph over the speed limit and then hands them a ticket They're doing their job But there's still a flaggot

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Maybe she'll be on and of with her new hubby, then she'll get some big bucks when she wins in divorce court an you two will be set for life!(:

Thats ******* terrible. Op could just find another woman who isnt a ****. Who knows she can even be a doctor.

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Yea since she's the type of person that OP, or anybody for that matter, would just love to marry. She's just a manipulative, gold-digging, and lying bitch. Every Man's dream wife.

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It was sarcasm! Sorry, I guess I should specify next time ! Jeez

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that's why she was on and off, you guys r not meant to be :p

If she kept that from you, imagine what else she hasn't tell you yet.

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Im guess she will say "Hmmm_ no" You freaky bastard

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sixth!!! that's the best I've ever got

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You're ninth , learn how to count.


Why Don't You Go Marry Someone OP But For Sure It Will Only Be For Tax Reasons Of Course

*|the kid| There. My signature is now an error, and I have begun using capital letters in my sentences. My, times have changed. Edit: Am I really that famous around here? Jeez.

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Z3NITH_; Your profile pic suits you well.

Just be happy you're not with her anymore, and feel bad for the guy that married her.