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Today, my bedridden mother called me selfish. After an operation two weeks ago, all I've done is feed her, clean her and the house every day. She called me selfish because I couldn't lift a TV into her room. FML
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Start doing nothing for her until she can appreciate your hard work.

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incapable and selfish are 2 different things


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incapable and selfish are 2 different things

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Just lift her down to the tv

3 that depends, which weighs more? :D

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She was probably just having a bad day, sorry OP maybe she will come to appreciate you!(:

And if she doesn't appreciate you I say just slap the bitch, inform her of all you have done for her and then call the Po-lice and say she touched you in your peepee place.

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tell the bitch where the tv is and then get yourself a nice sandwich and send her on her way.

I dunno, I clicked YDI for some reason.

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thats the work whistle. time for a nurse.

Start doing nothing for her until she can appreciate your hard work.

Or be the better person and do the work without expecting a reward. But nowadays, you can't find that anywhere...

#26, that is a fantastic idea! Too bad that happens just as often as I get laid by Kim Kardashian on Candy Mountain, with Charlie watching (what, I like her ass!)

I missed the part where the OP expected a reward of some sort. He/she was just offended for not being appriciated.

I was just picking an alternate to 2's comment.

Is being appreciated really a reward though, if you don't show people respect why would you expect anything at all?

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So your not selfish, just weak:P

he's not asking for anything but to be appreciated, what are you talking about?

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No, he wasn't even asking to be appriciated. He just got offended because he was labelled "selfish" after all that. Even if the person didn't say "thank you" he probably would've stayed quiet and move on.

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26 - wow... how do you expect to live if you do your job for free? it won't be easy paying all the bills if you don't have any income coming in...

Um you officially qualify as a verbal murderer there, Livinia

She's probably in a lot of pain if I can be honest. She didn't mean it OP, and she loves you, I'm sure of it. These kinds of things are hard though.

I said "probably" ass-hat. That leaves room for the mother to be a complete and utter douche as well. But I doubt it, when my mom had cancer, she was just as demanding, and believe you me, I would rather have Kidney Stones inserted into my Urethra and have them travel back to my kidneys than go through what she did. She's allowed to bitch in that situation.

You completely contradicted yourself. You said probably in the first sentence and continued on to say you're sure of it. Also the FML says she's bedridden after an operation, for all we know she's bedridden for having an ingrown toenail removed. Painful? Yes, but that would make this a true FML, because it's considered a minor operation.

Why don't you say more shit so the FML staff can delete your account? I didn't get to see the comment before they moderated it, but if you said anything about my mother, so help me God.

Well you did say probably but you said it for the pain part. The "I'm sure she loves you" thing, didn't have a probably. Just saying, though I am on your side because the other guy is being kinda weird.

haha take it easy, it wasn't insulting. and to respect FML staff I won't say what it said.

I really don't like you 56, because you said there's nothing wrong with watching a naked 14 year old girl dance in her room. Go **** yourself.

You also said "I'm sure of it." Stop dodging the point and insulting others like that, dummy.

The comment says that "I'm sure she loves you" not "I'm sure she's acting this way out of pain." If you had any idea how to read and NOT troll, you would see that.

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Get some friends to help you, change it to the infomercial channel, and hide the remote.

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put the tv in top of her, then see if she can lift it off. if she can't, she's obviously just being selfish

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Yes. Put a TV on your bedridden mother. You are and EvilDoll, aren't you?

I find one flaw in your plan. Op can't lift the television up in the first place. Good plan though.

You're mom is a bitch. Hope she isn't milking the surgery and being bedridden more than she should.

You're= You are. Example: you're an idiot. Your= to own. Example: your brain is corrupted *Your mom is a bitch*

****** grammar Nazi, you know what he means.

I'm just letting him know, it's not my fault he wasn't educated above the second grade level.

Want to be a grammar Nazi? Then do it right. That comma is suppose to be a period or it does not make any sense. I'll show you an example with this paragraph I wrote. Want to be a grammar Nazi? Then do it right, that comma is suppose to be a period or it does not make any sense, I'll show you an example with this paragraph I wrote. See? Withthe commas for the periods it is just weird. Also if you say you meant a period then you forgot to capitalize the letter "I" in "it's."

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supposed* Sorry Sassypants, you asked for that one.

You must not agree with me, but I personally like longer sentences! A 4 word sentence is a little choppy and weak to me. Also I didn't think it's needed a capital...

I did not actually ask for it but thank you anyway, also I always get forget to put supposed. It's just a habit. :(

You are selfish for not sacrificing you back and your joints attempting to carry a TV that is too large for you. Seriously though, just remind yourself she is probably in pain and on lots of meds, so she probably isn't herself right now. Unless she is always like this, then it's a major FYL.

She should thank you instead of calling you names. Most of my uncles and aunts won't even help my grandmother if she was bedridden! Maybe your mother was just cranky because of her operation.

Just remind her the deeds you've done for her. if that fails, smack some sense into that bitch.