By Anonymous - 21/12/2010 16:18 - United Kingdom
  Today, my 14 year-old son sent a broadcast on my blackberry saying ''I'm a young gay man looking for some fun!'' to all my contacts as a joke. What he didn't know was that it's my work phone. FML
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  quaddrummer93  |  0

Obviously not. But could you imagine this from the other point of view. Today, my wife happened to have my phone and she got a message from a guy I work with saying he was looking for "fun" now she thinks I'm having an affair with a man FML.

By  DncrHap  |  9

he made work a lot more "fun!" you should be thanking him for all the newfound attention you'll be receiving.

though, you may or may not like it as much when you're offered a promotion if you perform a nice, long, slow striptease for your boss.