By SwingingGallows - 15/07/2016 15:43

Today, I bought my mother an expensive TV she had been looking at. After I bought it, she continued browsing for more stuff. I told her I couldn't afford the extra items. She got mad and called me "selfish". FML
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So return the tv

I hope you took the tv for yourself after that.


So return the tv

Was just about to say return the tv, your mum sounds like a bitch

I hope you took the tv for yourself after that.

Seriously, agree with her and then say you think you'll take the T.V. for yourself.

How expensive? Did you research if it was worth the price?

doesn't matter, she already got a TV! stop being greedy!

I would've returned the tv right in front of her and said, "now you get nothing", the exact same thing I'd do to my kid if she wanted to be just as bad.

Then don't buy her anything

Way to be fiscally responsible.

Funny how the roles reverse over the years.

I'm sure it's just a phase she'll grow out of. You know how mothers are: confused by hormones from menopause, upset that the world doesn't understand them (anymore), and fans of bands with members that refuse to wear colorful cloths (at least in the pictures we can find of them). Wait, guys, are elderly folks… just teenagers?!

Everything just goes full circle

I really hope you did NOT let her keep that TV. keep it for yourself or return it in front of her face. what a complete bitch

Why can't she just be thankful?!