By Anonymous - 27/7/2021 04:01


Today, my husband stormed out to the pub because he couldn’t stand listening to my mother droning on and on about the same stories she always tells and the programmes she watches everyday. He didn’t think of taking me with him, so I had to stay and listen to the boring old bat. FML
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By  Chazzster  |  22

Unless you are chained to the home or you have to take care of Mom or children, there is no reason you couldn’t have left too.

I suggest putting on enough outside clothes each day that if you need to leave then you can.

By  Levi2411  |  41

I can't even fathom calling my mom an old bat.. I know not every mother is created equal but if she was good to you, I would rethink how you think of her. One that is a sign of dementia and if that's that case, you may find yourself regretting not wanting to be around her sooner than later. It's no joke and she will be dying while not knowing who you are anymore. And two, even if it isn't that, everyone has an expiration date... make sure you'll be okay once she meets her. Cherish people while they're still around.