By Anonymous - 16/12/2009 03:30 - Canada

Today, I was watching the show "Sixteen and Pregnant". I started bawling when the girl's dirtbag boyfriend proposed to her with a $20 ring he bought from Walmart because I was so lonely and was jealous of her "romantic relationship". FML
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Wasn't this posted by a dude? Your effin broke man, go get yourself a job, some friends and a girl. Then stop sitting around the house watching that brain rot.

Regardless of your genitalia, I regret to inform you that you are a girl.


AntiChrist7 0

So you want dirtbags propose to you? YDI

No, as you can see he is a man. He wished he could propose with a $20 ring. I do too. *bawl!*

Hahaha, that is so good xD I'm sure we'd all wish that we can only spend $20 on the ring,

I agree 71 I'm married for almost a yr and our rings are tatted and I paid for them.. I am a chick btw lol

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This one's so dumb im just gonna put... SECOND (ok maybe third xD, stupid 40 second timer)

Wasn't this posted by a dude? Your effin broke man, go get yourself a job, some friends and a girl. Then stop sitting around the house watching that brain rot.

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Wait a dude posted this? I think he was probably jealous of her boyfriends balls because I'm guessing he doesn't have any.

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"Sixteen and Pregnant"????? fapfapfapfapfapfapfap

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the funny thing is that amber and gary (the guy the OP is talking about) are the fattest couple on the show. or ever. seriously I was surprised that amber didn't eat the baby when it was born.

What the hell! Just because people are fat doesn't mean you have to be a douche bag!

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Stop being such a whiny little man child and do something about it.

I think those two on that show really are in love. No need to downplay by putting them down because they don't have a lot of money. Most people don't wait until they aren't a teen anymore to start having sex. Pregnancies are bound to happen. I cry over stupid reality shows all the time so don't feel too bad but if you're really that lonely do something about it.

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I cry over reality shows too. Mostly because I see how stupid a lot of people are.

I agree #10, but replace reality shows with FMLs.

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extreme makeover: home edition really gets my waterworks going.

Wow. Really? AND you're a dude? It's pitiful enough if any girl reacted like that (because envying a knocked up teenager and her "deep romance" is just sad enough), but the fact that you're a dude and crying at home watching MTV in general is YDI. Go out and get a life, man.

perdix 29

There must be some kind of mistake. They probably put in the wrong gender. Even if the OP were technically male, after reading this, we have agreed to kick "it" out of our gender. I'm sure the women of the world don't want to accept such a pathetic loser into their ranks, but it just can't be one of us.

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I almost shed a tear watching you've got mail for the first time. It was only a few weeks ago. Key word though... almost.

#12 Speak for yourself. Women are turned on by guys like the OP more often than by pathetic macho losers with misogynistic tendencies and a need to compensate for gender insecurities...

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So instead of going out looking for someone you whine about it on FML - yes, this was a productive choice! Hey maybe your dream partner will comment you, hopefully she/he won't laugh at how sad this is as much as I did FML making more love connections than