By Badaboom - Netherlands
  Today, my 3-year-long dry spell was about to end. A lovely lady over for dinner, good food, wine and lots of laughs. Things heated up nicely in the bedroom when a playful wrestle made my bed shift, snapping two of its legs. The bed collapsed, totally ruining the mood. The dry spell continues. FML
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  humorizer  |  14

I know what a "planet as their pic" means... but a "pic as their planet"?

I'm imagining a large painting floating about in the voids of space, orbiting the sun Lunaris.

Also, that's definitely the moon and some sort of aurora.

  cldean24  |  4

fail 117

  xoCOURTNIEox  |  0

haha please tell me how that would be rape, she is obviously interested in op & I don't think just cause the bed collapsed that it should ruin the mood, maybe make it a bit more challenging but that's the fun of it!

  Bizenghastly  |  0

wow 87 way to be Internet perv-status ^_^ & 80 I completely agree w. you, a broken bed shouldn't be a cockblocker however ops date obviously thought so. tht being said, if op continued as you suggested it would be w/o her consent (definition of nonconsensual) which would indeed make it rape ^_^ mmkks?

  GDIalex  |  11

If he managed to get to the bed with her, I believe there was no troubles with continuing for a partner. I mean, after some interlude again... Well, I think that OP just failed to get her back to the right mood.

  GDIalex  |  11

The same thing I was thinking! Very inordinary FML, by the way.
And yes, it made me imagine everything in bright colors, so that I really felt his disappointment.