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  killer122  |  11

Nah, as long as its cited its not outright dishonest, just lazy, i used to do something like this all the time for bs papers in gen-eds. just lookup an article that answered whatever garbage they were wanting a paper on, re-write it in my own words in almost the same format, and cite it at the end.

Only one teacher ever caught it, and told me to just add some other info from some other sources and gave me an A.

By  Solano2580  |  24

Actually she has a point, to a degree. If it's a major paper then she's gonna fail, but if it's just a small requirement that requires a source then depending on the teacher she might be good.

By  species4872  |  19

Don't care. Really don't give a shit.

By  CrassKal  |  27

So is this a group project that involved you? Otherwise I'm not sure why it's your FML, unless this is a general "bemoan the stupidity of the world" kind.