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  The_Moustache  |  6

But if granny told OP to use it, then chances are, she makes OP use it when they get home. Therefore, unless granny has a weird fetish, the granny would have no use of the used test.

  DVecc  |  0

the op said still, so I would agree with above person she must be from a town where the high school chicks are sluts, otherwise she could've just wrote I'm a virgin. As to your comment about perverted thoughts about 16 year old girls (check my age before calling me a creep) maybe they should stop wearing the tightest and shortest shorts they can find along with the lowest cutting shirts, I have no idea how their parents let them wear it at all. If I have a daughter in the future shed be lucky as he'll if I let her wear any of the shit teenage girls do today -.-

  DjeePee  |  24

'otherwise she could've just wrote I'm a virgin.'

Yeah. She could. But I really don't see the use of it. In my opinion, the sentence 'I am still a virgin' is not only much prettier than 'I am a virgin', it also accentuates the virgin-part even more. OP probably wrote it that way for the last reason. Nothing wrong with that. It also doesn't automatically mean she lives in Skankville. Having sex before your sixteenth also doesn't automatically mean you're a skank. Thought I just point that out.

  Fiit  |  0

What a funny thing to say.I wouldnt let my kids wear reavealing shit too, if id have any in the future. But Yeah your right... STILL a Virgin. I hope she wants to keep her virginity,it shouldnt be something to look forward to.

  at1325  |  0

15 are you one of those slutty teenage girls? sounds like it. there's a difference between having fun and either actually fucking every boy in school or even just looking like you would.

  shuzuko  |  2

You people are retarded. I lost my virginity at 16. I'm now 21 and have had sex with a total of three guys, all of whom I didn't have sex with until at least 4 months into the relationship. Early sex does not a skank make.

God forbid any of you men ever see a vagina in your life, you'll probably pass out from shock.
Humans have sex. If they're intelligent, they do it responsibly. Get over it.

  redgeek  |  0

40, there's an age of consent for a reason. Not only are girls who have sex that young making a poor decision for themselves, but they could be getting someone else into trouble.

  Trent2531  |  4

See that's the problem nowadays, you don't get to be your own person and make your own decisions until you are an adult! That's why an adult is considered a "grown up". Your kids will be pregnant at 12 or in jail at 15 and ull wonder where you went wrong! Dumbass!!!

By  AmadeusMop  |  0

OP - Did she say "take" a pregnancy test or "get" a pregnancy test? Because if she said the latter, she might have meant "buy", as in for future usage. It usually doesn't hurt to be prepared.

  DjeePee  |  24

And it is useful to buy a pregnancy test if you're only 16, not in a sexual relationship and children are yet not something you are concerned about becaaaaauuuuse?

Buying a pregnancy test for OP is the same as buying tampons for a 4-year-old girl. Stupid.

  sallen0046  |  4

You're assuming the only menstruating female grandma knows is the 16 year old OP. She could have been picking up a test that someone else had asked for, or that someone had added to the shopping list.