By klm878 - 13/11/2010 04:10 - United States

Today, at work, my manager fell in front of an entire lobby full of people on a wet floor. I'm the only one who burst out laughing. Turns out she has a broken arm. FML
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hahaha today i just commented on the wrong FML :) FML

Hint: Don't laugh until after you know they're okay.

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Why would you laugh at your boss falling. If you get fired YTDI !

You must be the typical conceited bitch whose immature as ****. If I ever saw a ****** asshole like you, I would knock you the **** out before you even saw it comin. I'm ****** sick of these ****** asshole **** bitches who think they're all ****** that. My blood pressure is ****** rising just reading about your bitch ass.

yikes squeakyboots... someone pissed in your cheerios I suppose?

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13- The real question is: Who WOULDN'T laugh at their boss? Especially if you hate your boss. I know that I would laugh.

I'd piss myself laughing. Just sit there for hours chuckling away.

unless the manager is cool then who cares. broken arms heal but someone you don't like falling on their face is priceless

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ok go to her say sorry then chuckel alittle bit and then burst out laughing then leave

thats funny ...i always laugh in these kind of situations ... so i guess its not really ur fault but it is kind of mean :S

Classic... This happened to the majority of my basketball team when we ran onto the court that was just cleaned once. Slapstick comedy is always funny

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dnt worry I would have laughed with you, then felt bad (:

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shiiitt haha I woulda laughed too!! haha

it was funny at the time. I would've laughed, only after I found out if she was ok or not. :]

every other employee must feel really intimidated by her