By Mandoune - 07/11/2008 14:18 - Finland

Today, I dropped my keys in the drain. Thankfully, my new flat mate generously offered his help to reach the keys via flower pot. FML
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I'm a bit confused too. But according to urbandictionary, "flower pot" means "When you soil/shart you underwear, then remove the underwear and put them on someones head." Maybe the person who posted the fml meant soiled underwear? Even then its a bit confusing...unless the flatmate had sh*t themselves and came out in their underwear to help.

silvereye12 7

sarcasm is a foreign language to you, isn't it?


And did you get it out with it? :)

your 'flat mate'???? lol.

TheBlakester419 0

flat in Europe meens apartmant. therefore, it would be like saying apartment neighbor

nope equivelant to roomate not neighbour

I don't get it either... Confoozed.

WIN confoozed lol

asdf123 0

i don't get it

Why do the FML mod people post these it makes no sense.

hahasucks 0

i don't get it at all

carebear 0

that doesn't make sense...

McFinder 0

this is stupid. i don't get it

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no man shes mine

Don't get it either!

how did this get posted on here