By Anonymous - 12/10/2020 23:01 - United States - San Jose

Looks like we made it… Oh.

Today, I went on a walk with my family because I'm trying to be more active. We were near my son's school when I got a grumbling in my stomach. I rushed to find a place to take a dump. As I approached a Porta-Potty, my ass couldn't hold it any longer and I shit myself 20 feet away from the toilet. FML
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By  Fata Morgana 1029  |  8

This is the second or third time I've seen this posted in the past month. Either people keep copying this and submitting it, or OP is really proud and wants to be sure everyone sees this.

By  JasonThorn  |  18

In the interests of keeping it clean, I've noticed that when you need to...relieve yourself and see a toilet, your body starts relaxing in anticipation of relief.