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Wow. I didn't expect this to get published like at all but hey I guess it's an upside to the whole thing. This actually happened yesterday and there's a lot more to what happened then you can fit in an FML so here's the full story. I work at a furniture store where one of our major sellers is the old, rustic, farm style furniture. I've recently became the first stage guy, cutting the wood, putting the frames together, that kind of thing. On the thicker boards there's always a little bit of excess on the end when you cut them down with a table saw and this particular sliver decided to get caught in the saw, catch under my finger nails, and launch back ripping two of them off. My bosses where really caring about the whole thing. In fact the store is owned by my best friends parents so they're like family to me. The guy who asked me why I stopped working was just giving me a hard time like he always does so I'm not mad in the slightest. He was just being a good ol hard ass dad and it was actually kind of funny.
By acf1233 / Tuesday 14 June 2016 19:28 / United States - San Antonio
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  acf1233  |  16

My fingers weren't actually cut off. The nails on my middle and ring finger got ripped off and there's a pretty deep gash on the middle finger. Definitely not a pleasant experience but I still have all of my appendages.

By  werepyre007  |  18

They might not have seen depending on how they approached you. A simple "patching myself up real quick" woulda been easy enough. I dont think this is FML worthy.

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