By AustinFFA - 22/01/2016 16:46 - United States - Agoura Hills

Today, my parents installed spyware on my computer after reading an article about teens ordering drugs from the deep web. Now I'm too afraid to watch porn because I don't want my parents to know when I'm jacking off. FML
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I'm allowed to watch it. I'm 16. It's just awkward that they know when I'm watching

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Do it anyway. Make them regret invading your privacy.

Smartphones are a wonderful thing.


Smartphones are a wonderful thing.

Or just use the computers at the nearest public library! ;)

Do it anyway. Make them regret invading your privacy.

Unless they punish him for looking up ****. In which case, he'd end up regretting it

Make it something incredibly weird too, Lille a clown fetish or something

Yeah, I can give you some words to search for, if you want to teach them a lesson :D

I'm allowed to watch it. I'm 16. It's just awkward that they know when I'm watching

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Shouldn't you be 18 to watch ****?

@#3: As a parent, I'll say - they already know. It won't gross them out, and besides, at least one of OPs parents do the same thing (Masturbate; I have no idea about the ****). Seriously, I don't understand why kids think all of this stuff they do is a secret. At least half of it we did when we were kids, and the rest of it our friends did Re: all the comments about Incognito: Won't avoid most of the sorts of "spyware" installed. Just because you're no longer caching the data doesn't stop web traffic from being recognized by the network stack and logging it.

#131 We know you know. We just don't want you to know when and to what we jerk off to.

130 do you think hormones stay dormant until you turn 18?

Also be sure to browse sex toys on Amazon and adult web stores.

are you the real youtuber? if so I'm a big fan.

Now is when you watch **** so weird and kinky your parents will be scared to spy...

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Yes, and end up on a government watchlist. Good plan.

#135 You are an idiot. I tried disliking but I ended up liking the comment. Darn.

Depending on the type of spyware that probably won't work. Google incognito isn't as "incognito" as everyone says it is.

Or just screenshot tittyboomboom. Normally I would never make this type of comment but your user name and pictures made it impossible to resist

In fact incognito is only useful if you have other users on your computer. It doesn't block web traffic information being stored by the router. This is information that OP's parents probably have access to, as they are likely the holders of the administrator account for the network. All incognito does is delete your history and cookies after you have logged off the browser. This is something that you can do (and set the browser to do automatically) anyway.

It's a message from God

I feel like people are downvoting this because they don't appreciate that it was posted ironically.

Poe's Law in action.

Well good luck with blue balls!

use your phone

Remove the spyware. If they can watch you, so can other people.