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Sooooo, this was my FML. Sadly, I didn't taste anything, since I didn't drink the water pure, but always mixed in cup-a-soup or something similar. Luckily me and my roommates are fine now, we're all a bit afraid of preparing food though, scared that there might be some kind of rodent in other kitchen devices. Obviously we threw away the water cooker (for those who didn't know what that is, seriously? you couldn't even think of what it 'might' be?) and since we got our new cat, Sammie, we haven't had any mice or rats crawling around! Yaaaay for Sammie!
By hannaaaahr - / Wednesday 11 January 2012 20:08 / Netherlands
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After a week? It would more then add flavor! D: you use water to rot flesh off bones when cleaning them. Actually if they were boiling water I don't think it would of survived in there a week. Rodents decompose quite quick... And boiling a mouse even once should mostly decompose it. A week you'd just have goo and bone fragments left.

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