By hannaaaahr - 11/01/2012 20:08 - Netherlands

Today, I found out why my room-mates and I have been ill for the past week. Apparently a rodent climbed into our water cooker and died. I have been drinking tea and eating noodles that have been tainted by a corpse all this time. FML
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hannaaaahr tells us more.

Sooooo, this was my FML. Sadly, I didn't taste anything, since I didn't drink the water pure, but always mixed in cup-a-soup or something similar. Luckily me and my roommates are fine now, we're all a bit afraid of preparing food though, scared that there might be some kind of rodent in other kitchen devices. Obviously we threw away the water cooker (for those who didn't know what that is, seriously? you couldn't even think of what it 'might' be?) and since we got our new cat, Sammie, we haven't had any mice or rats crawling around! Yaaaay for Sammie!

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GoW_Chick 14

That was the rats revenge for you murdering their young in the garbage disposal.


Eggers 2

Did he just call Deadmau5 a band? Did you just call Deadmau5 a band? SOMEBODY TELL ME HE DIDN'T JUST CALL DEADMAU5 A BAND

Eggers 2

I like the part where our replies are showing up out of order. Am I the only one that sees this?

Eggers I was going to down vote your comment, but now that the confusion is settled I will award you with an up vote

Eggers 2

58- this is why I say the things I do in my about me page

72- completely agree. Ps- how the hell did my comment wind up here?

I love dub step, and techno and i gotta say that deadmau5 is awesome, also FYL OP, thats nasty!!!

Actually, Deadmau5 doesn't like to be referred to as a DJ.

ItsMe805 0

Its also properly called Electro House Music not Dibstep smh

54- To call something a band it implies two things: a group and musical talent.

..... Cool story bro

....Cool story bro^

No first comment? My time to shine. TURTLES!

Great Band :D.

I did notice that my comment (11) is being pushed down. Lol.

Eggers just made it to my favorite commenters list.

ValerieStar 5

54 cause it's a DJ. -.-

Rodents. It's always the rodents..

Expecially when they find their young slaughtered in a sink drainage :(

So did it add flavour?

Im sure it added some type of taste..

Apparently not, since they didn't notice right away.

For a while it was like "These noodles taste like moldy mouse nuts..." After a few days they probably were used to the funky flavor.

I suddenly have a craving for top ramen

My craving just went away... :X

nothing a little frank's hot sauce can't fix

MerrikBarbarian 9

After a week? It would more then add flavor! D: you use water to rot flesh off bones when cleaning them. Actually if they were boiling water I don't think it would of survived in there a week. Rodents decompose quite quick... And boiling a mouse even once should mostly decompose it. A week you'd just have goo and bone fragments left.

Eggers 2

He'll need all the protein he can get. I'm pretty sure he's sick from eating nothing but Raman and tea for a week.

loller27 6

sure hope it tasted good

Hmm... Well I'm sure it didn't.

Deitiy 0

Mmmm, I love rat corpse in the morning.

b0ngs 7

That made me gag :0

in some contries thats considered a delicacy

Ratatouille is magnifico! ;)

I prefer it in the afternoon.

thats a name of a food smart one

Torva_fml 16

Wow, I'm truly sorry for you.... That's really not even funny, mostly disgusting.

Oh rats, that's terrible.

I see what you did there

@32 No you read what he did there.

How else do you read other than seeing? I don't think he is using braille..

FML Braille Edition. Coming Soon.

desireev 17

32- so did everyone else.. 38- Technically, reading it IS seeing it.. So 32 was right..

I see we've got a problem solver on our hands

38 is French, give her a break!

bobbycorwen 5

38 - You have a 15 minute lunch break starting now.

GoW_Chick 14

That was the rats revenge for you murdering their young in the garbage disposal.

Well played, young Jedi

BigJesse88 1

Lol nice

lolmonster34 0

Hahaha nice play on fml's

munkeebutt 0