By Anonymous - 24/11/2011 17:07 - United States

Today, my son told me he was afraid of monsters under his bed. When I poked my head under to show him nothing was there, the family cat sprang out and clawed me in the face. Now I have a gash on my chin, and my son refuses to go anywhere near his bed. FML
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Check again...?

irimalovecheer98 5

Lol, I feel bad for your son


Lol poor cat.

UrLyfSuxx 0

More like poor OP. . .

Damn_Hippster 11

Now your son has to be afraid of monsters and cats under his bed.

Just tell him that the monster only eats children that don't obey their parents.

bizarre_ftw 21


blackheart24 10

Monsters under the bed are real -.- trust me, mine talks to me sometimes.

And mines touch me in inappropriate places :(

Llama_Face89 33

49- hey! I only LOOK like a monster...doesn't mean I am one... :P

It's a good thing she didn't find me in the closet O.o

Bizarre, please STFU.

Check again...?

That's some ghetto cat

I don't think you know what ghetto means

irimalovecheer98 5

Lol, I feel bad for your son

BayleeWasHere 1

I feel bad for your son.

Be afraid... Be very afraid of the cat

m0tl3ycru3 0

Those two gleaming eyes staring back at you!

Must have been fucking scary as shit. Your mum/dad tries to show you not to be scared and comes up with a gash on their face.

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bigAC 6


First of all, it doesn't say if he is a guy or a girl. and how is he a bad parent?

and you're bad at grammar...

Obviously he's a father because gay marriage is now legal in NY. So obviously only gay married men occupy the entire state. *trollface*

You're a bad mother

lidemocr 0

I was just thinking the opposite about OP. it's a funny situation but sort of cute that he was checking for monsters so that his kid wouldn't be scared. It ended badly but I'm sure OP had the best of intentions!

Glitterhinoceros 14


Moo. I'm A Frog. :3

BayleeWasHere 1

I hate nothing more than when people say "rawr" or other dionosaur sounds in effort to look "cute".

hahahaha that totally sucks

Technically you were right because there weren't any monsters , just an evil cat (:

2ndSucks 15

Damn demon cats.

take advantage of this. tell him you saw the monster, but if he acts good the monster will leave. then you're good and have a good son