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Today, my 14-year-old son was terrified of going into the water near our house, because he was scared of having his leg bitten off by a shark. We live by a lake. I tried explaining why it couldn't happen, but he just cowered behind a beach towel. FML
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-2 Yes because lake sharks are a problem these days, eating all the children and smashing boats to smithereens.

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As a matter of fact, lake sharks are a huge problem. Over 70 people die each year in Canada from lake shark attacks. My uncle Dick Harry happened to be one of those 70 people in 2004. God bless his soul. He was out fishing one day on one of Vancouver's beautiful lakes on July 27, 2004. That was the day he didn't come home. His life was claimed by a lake shark. The only evidence was a single tooth from the monstrous fifty foot shark. Rest in Peace uncle Dick Oversized Harry. You will never be forgotten.

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it would be so odd being a kid and reading my parents fml about me.

I too had friend who was recently claimed by a lake shark. Mike will not be forgotten.

Bull sharks can survive in fresh water

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Haha, I have a lake too, and the only way a shark could get in there is if someone captured one, deliberately took it to the lake and dropped it in, or it crammed itself through a very small whole where the water is flowing...either way, It's pretty unlikely haha

I'm so sorry for your losses. I read a story that was similar. Poor Jack Mehoff was eaten by a lake shark back in 2003...

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33, I think you just made my life. xD

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I taught a school of sharks how to skateboard to freedom... We now have land sharks too...

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Of course, you live in America...

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my friend Mike hunt died that same way about two years back he was survived by his wife Dixie Normas

Lake sharks are only indigenous to South America though. Unless someone introduced them to lakes in Canada, I don't think it was a lake shark, and instead was Sarah Palin shot those people, thinking they were moose.

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Well, it was Shark Week, so cut him some slack.

The person with the next bad fake name comment wins.

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So you beta hide yo kids, hide yo wives and hide yo husbands cuz their eatin' everybody out there!

talk about a "jaw-dropping experience" hehehehe

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my good friend Ben Dover was killed by a lake shark in 2006

My grandfather Hugh G. Rection was violently torn to shreds by a lake shark in '95.

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And not to forget Mike Litoris' tragic boating/shark accident last year.

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This is typical of kids having past life memories. The fear won't go away by reason or teasing. Take him to a good hypnotherapist, please.

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Actually bullsharks can swim up our rivers into the lake so ur son is smart

136, yeah but a bull shark can just walk over and get in the lake so your comment is invalid :/

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136- I didn't see ur comment lol bc I just wanted to post my comment without reading everyone else's

not always the parents fault. my mom raised me tough and to not believe in monsters under the bed. I twenty and jump shit when I hear creaks in the night. that kid just sounds like he has the inability to think rationally

64- You're a girl though, it's ok to get scared. Boys shouldn't be scared of stupid things.

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84, I'm sure most guys are scared of crossing swords with another guy, so idk.

100 It's true though. Men were made to do stuff that takes courage. Not to let fear control you. Especially when the fear is something as stupid as that.

97 Yes, they felt fear, but they fought through it. Cowering behind a towel is letting it overwhelm you.

Guys, it's Bruce Lee. He fears nothing, not even Chuck Norris.

110 You don't understand. Feeling fear isn't what I'm talking about. It's acting while under fear. Most women will freeze up. That's why men are in combat units, and the special forces.

113 - Your logic is aggravating me. Fear doesn't rely on the gender of a person, nor does the ability to accept a challenge, even when they're scared. That's called confidence, and that depends on a person's personality, not their gender. Men are usually found in combat units and special forces because their physical build is superior to that of a woman, not because they're known to "overcome their fears" more often.

115 You know what the seals are right? You need mental toughness for that.

114 Not shocked, disappointed.Cowering behind a towel, on land. Not even where a shark could get him. Pitiful.

116 - Of course I know what are the Seals are, a great number of family were/are enlisted. All I'm saying is that you can't say that boys shouldn't be scared of things. If you're going to use the military as an example, they train you to become powerful mentally. You think that Army recruits are the same guys you see months later? No, those guys are just like you or me, and would be scared as shit if they were thrown onto the battlefield right away. They're trained not to have those fears, regardless of what gender they are. Condition a person enough, no matter who they are, and they'll be able to overcome their fears, whether they be male or female.

118 Seals have to be mentally tough before they can even go to buds. I doubt anyone in your family was in the seals since you said "a great number", and "enlisted". Normal men are usually mentally tougher too. Man gets punched, he hits back. A woman crys.

123 I think woman are just as good as men, but I know men take care of combat for a reason. They're way better nurturers than men.

Hey, I'm scared of sharks, and water. And I'd never go into a lake or the ocean. The kid probably thinks a random shark might come out. It would be better to tell him he's safe in the lake, not tell him he's an idiot...

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He's just scared, it'd be better to reassure him. :P

He's just scared, it'd be better to reassure him. :P

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i am so happy my parents didn't raise me stupid.

Stupid? If this kid lives in southern u.s., like Florida, then he definitely has alligators to be afraid of. Not just sharks.. Don't forget the water snakes.

chances are she wouldn't try to convince her son into swimming in a shark filled lake. then again, that would be the perfect way to get rid of your child. hm...

To the internets with him! Or try to find out where he got an idea like that.

Tell him you killed the shark and show him it's safe by jumping in the water! Then pretend you're drowning and make him cry ;D

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What the **** is with your picture?

bull sharks can swim up rivers. tell him that to cheer him up ;)

True fact I've seen someone catch a bullshark over 10km from the nearest beach/ocean inlet.

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Bull sharks are cranky bastards too...

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Damn. I meant to thumbs up this:/

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damn, I meant to thumb you up

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Beach towels are usually good to protect against anything. Harry Potter once killed a basilisk with one.