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  2oc  |  5

85- starship troopers? When i went camping a few years ago i found a gang of earwigs living in my swimshorts. I didn't find out until i put them on either OP, eugh. Those pincers...

  Torva_fml  |  16

Why yes, I did. Do you have a problem with my feets?

Oh my, my feets are sore.
My feets are so dry today.
My feets are so sensitive after all that running.
Would you give me a feets massage?
Oh baby, don't tickle my feets!

Did I just anger you? Oh? I'm sorry.

Actually no, I'm not.

  Torva_fml  |  16

Last time a spider crawled out of my shoe... I ran the fuck inside, and grabbed spider killer.

It's now my morning ritual to squish the fuck out of my shoes by jumping on them just to make sure no live spiders are in them.

By  silver848  |  6

If that happened to me (I'm extremely aracnophobic aka the fear of spiders) I would have scream so friggin loud and throw my shoe as far away as I could possibly throw. Gross. Fyl majorly!

By  klorehore  |  24

Imagine they were quite squishy, and probably would lead to some discomfort if they took a lot of room in there, but where does the pain come in? Or are you that sympathetic, cause I reckon they didn't enjoy it that much