By Whyme - 09/01/2012 06:14 - United States

Today, I went to the movies on a date. My chair made a fart sound while I moved around a little, so my date thought I'd let one rip. He then let out a really horrendously smelling one to make me feel less embarrassed, giving me a reassuring look. FML
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That's sweet, in a disgusting way...

The next step to loving a man, is to love his farts


That's sweet, in a disgusting way...

Aww, he cares about her!

Yes, but that doesn't change the fact of how smelly it was

That's disgusting in a sweet way.

14- It was a joke. Who the hell thinks farting would make her feel better?

puppypuncher 5

I believe it's quite sweet to do. OP's date could either be disgusted or accept what he thought she did. I'm sure she would rather him try to make her feel better. Farting along is better than sneering and kicking her in the shins or something.

I can't take you seriously when your picture is telling me to 'moo bitch get out the way.'

Reminds me of the time my bf first accidentally farted in front of me after I tickled him and he told me to stop. Haha. I felt bad because he was embarrassed so I let one out so he wouldn't feel bad. Then he made fun of me. -_- Ass. Lol.

desireev 17

It is kinda sweet for him to do.. He coulda been a typical guy and humiliated her if front of all the other people by hollering out "This nasty B**** just farted on me!" or something like that. But instead, he passed one to take the embarrassment off of her! Very sweet.. In a stinky way! :)

46- Cool story

No 59 typical douchebag, not typical guy. My girlfriend has gotten gassy at the worst times and I just shrug it off. And I do mean the WORST times as in going down on her.

Who said love was dead?

I think instead of breaking the ice he just melted it

Its funny cause a lot of you are acting like if she actually farted

Good man, he's got your back.

RochelleRedvines 8

So I'm guessing the date went well?

Look on the bright side, could of been a shart.

I love banging people I meet on

Hahahahaha !!!

Never in history of commentary has there been made a comment as witty as yours. You are the true boss. Hail to the king!!!

Or hail to the boss!

Or just get him a coffee.

swimchica22 0

Or a sandwich

Ballin8864 4

Or a cupcake . ;)

farnsworth 3

Get him a cookie

How about a chocolate?

Or a chocolate cupcake with a cookie on top

supnowww 0

How about a bottle of STFU.

HetaliaFreak 10

Combo break, motherfuckers.

GovernorGeneral 8

Damn you ^ I was gonna say something :L Lol.

The next step to loving a man, is to love his farts

UrLyfSuxx 0

Family Guy.

How sweet!!! :D

desireev 17

Actually, you have to "love the farts" BEFORE you love the man! Lol Kinda weird how that works that way.. :)

30 god damn fat man

It's the sexiest think a woman can do.

Infamous_Hawk 6

That stinks..

Androidz 0

Hands down, dick up, most original comment on FML. Thank you 4.

34 - Your phrasing... It's unique, i'll give it that.

Infamous_Hawk 6

I agree..haha.

Hahahaa I get it! This makes me laugh

Buttsexpirate 9

That's some real love right there OP! I'm so happy to see that butts bring people together.

You seem like you'd be the resident expert on farts amiright?

They bring people together anyways...

weasel123 9

Buttsexpirate, the combination of your username and this comment is a bit unsettling....

Ironic, because in but secks you be spreading yer cheeks arrrgh

biglittlehead 12

I want to thumb this up, but I can't because it has 69 thumbs up and I don't want to distort the magic number.

Your pict is perf for this comment:)

GovernorGeneral 8

You can go ahead and give it a thumbs up cause it has 123 now or do you not want to distort that 123, abc, number either -.-

What a nice guy.

ZDK5498 6

my gosh! how thoughtful of him.. just trying to brake the ice

Atleast you know he won't judge you if you do let one rip.

leogirl95 12

Challenge accepted?

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Not if said challenge is from Peter Griffin or Michael Moore..

That's so sweet!

lakerslover1234 0

At least he was trying to be nice. So it's more like fuck his life

is this even an FML? haha but don't you just love all the awkwardness in the beginning of a relationship

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^ go away. This isn't an FML for you, princess. Anyway it is sweet in a weird way. He's trying to make her feel reassured, comfortable with him. He thought she farted and was basically saying "hey that's okay, I still like you and I'm not disgusted. Here, let me prove it."