By Magnus_the_Red - 09/09/2009 04:13 - United States

Today, my girlfriend told me she didn't want to get it on with me because she didn't want to ruin my innocence. FML
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I think to say "get it on with me" shows you should keep your innocence...

Pastor_Rich 0

that means she's banging someone else, run like the wind


I think to say "get it on with me" shows you should keep your innocence...

Logically, this dudes only real chance is to go out and sleep with someone else. I mean, that's basically what she's saying. and if not, she's obviously not thinking long term so what's the harm.

zach055 23

Just tell her the amount of times that you jerk off per day, then she will see that your not so "innocent"

hehehehe awww

if it was me, you wouldn't have a scrap of innocence left =]

youaresofucked 0

what?! You're 15 !!! LOL

Magnus_the_Red 0

woah...can't decide what to say...interesting...or, both can be applied here, i, i choose to say both.

lagodfatha 0

damn girl

Druu 53

Girl, you need Jesus!

Make her suck your d i c k and tell her your innocence is gone and that you can f u c k her now :)

Pastor_Rich 0

that means she's banging someone else, run like the wind

I have never heard a pastor speak like this! :o

Kiwi_Grimm 0

Hm...strange. Maybe she just wanted to make sure your first time is with someone you truly love. Either that or she has AIDS or an an STD of some kind and doesn't want to give it to you.

hebahpotamus88 3

dusnt condoms like not let tht stuff pass thru tho

I dunt no u shud gugle it

Glam_fml 0

Maybe she isn't ready yet, so she is just using that (lame) excuse. Only you can decide if you want to "get it on" or not.

Maybe that's her hint that she's into s

she's either a quite silly minded person, or she's just looking for an excuse to dump you since she doesn't like you anymore or even likes another guy.. it's obvious........

Uepari 0

Seriously!? GUYS! Get your minds out of the gutter! She's probably a girl who believes in not having sex before marriage. OP, this neither FML nor YDI. If she says that, you respect that. If you just want sex and you can't stand the idea of her refusing, then I hope she dumps you, because she deserves so much more. BTW, if you wanna lose all faith in humanity, just read the comments before mine.

Magnus_the_Red 0

yeah...about that... i know that isn't true because she called me about a week after we broke up to tell me about the amazing threesome she just had. in detail. then she told me that she had been blowing more than one guy in the months leading up to our break up. that is just a few examples of the sexual adventures she has had since we broke up. one month ago.

Wow. Bad choice in women, eh Magnus? Either way, you got my respect for commenting on your own FML. And yes, your life is F'd, and I've been through the same scenario. :/

shit one, but a guy who uses a warhammer primarch as a kickname has got better things to do :P nice ^_^