By Randall - / Tuesday 25 January 2011 07:28 / United States
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  U_Go_Boom  |  0

why is this an FML so what If he has flashbacks. He has been through things you have never seen and done things you have never done and he did it all for you and the rest America.

  knibbsy  |  4

When your job is to gun down villages that have a "suspected" enemy presence from a mounted machine gun on a helicopter, but the village contains innocent men, women, and children who are getting shot up by you, that's not an experience a doctor will be able to make you cope with just fine and dandy. Or at all.

  jrtepechis  |  6

yes there is . the military is now starting to understand PTSD and are trying to help soldiers coming back from wars to help them cope and return back to living as a civilian and helping them and their families understand the emotional stress that the men and women went thru fighting so that the families and children of the soldier can live in peace at home without any tension .

  knibbsy  |  4

I didn't get owned you idiot. He said the military is starting to understand PTSD now, not the military understood how to treat it back in the years of Vietnam. They didn't know how to effectively treat it back then. My description wasn't based on Full Metal Jacket; it's reality, taken from my next door neighbor who's a Vietnam veteran. My uncle, who is also a Vietnam vet, and one of my father's friends who's a 'Nam vet as well confirmed that stories like my neighbor has told me are reality, and situations like that actually happened many times.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

F both their lives. It's true enough that Vietnam vets (all vets), after having served their country, come back to an unwelcoming country that's not well equipped to reintroduce them into regular society. Mental health services are frowned upon, etc. The families they come back to basically have to cope with the PTSD themselves. The VA just doesn't offer enough services to help, and while there are support groups, a lot of vets wont go to them.

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