By KitKat20 - 18/10/2016 13:05 - United States - Fargo

Today, I got up early for a doctor's appointment and chugged two cups of coffee. Ten minutes before I was supposed to leave, my doctor calls asking to reschedule, which would have been fine had I not cleared my whole day for this appointment. Now I'm too wired to go back to bed. FML
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I'm not sure how early "early" is to you, but why would you have two cups of coffee right before you were going to see a doctor? Maybe it's just me, but I try to steer away from stimulants before seeing my doctor, just so they'll get an accurate heart rate/BP reading. Anyway, if your day is cleared, perhaps you can do something productive until the caffeine wears off enough for a nap?

Nothing better than having to get stuff done involuntarily. Root for the nap.


That sucks OP. Hope you feel better tho.

I'm not sure how early "early" is to you, but why would you have two cups of coffee right before you were going to see a doctor? Maybe it's just me, but I try to steer away from stimulants before seeing my doctor, just so they'll get an accurate heart rate/BP reading. Anyway, if your day is cleared, perhaps you can do something productive until the caffeine wears off enough for a nap?

Yeah, because there is only one type of doctor who always checks heart rates.

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Almost every appointment requires blood pressure or heart rhythm being checked. Especially if its just a checkup or physical.

Almost every appointment? Dentist? Orthopedist? OB/Gyn? Otorhinolaryngologist? Dermatologist? Psychiatrist? Neurologist? Even at the general practitioner it depends on why you are there.

Nearly all of those types of doctors that your listed are likely to have a standard of taking vitals during intake. They don't typically decide nah, we don't need that, simply because you came in for a different reason than last time... Even a podiatrist or a dermatologist may have this standard, simply because things like heart rate and stress levels can have a direct impact on the health of your feet and skin.

Is this a weird American thing? Do they also take urin samples every time you go to a random doctor? If I go to a dermatologist for looking at my moles or just checking if a prescription works, why should the dermatologist take my heart rate? This information doesn't have value for most of the doctors and isn't connected to the reasons why you go there.

It's not a weird American thing because I'm an American and I've certainly never had my vitals taken at any of those types of doctors.

No, they do not take urine samples because that requires it to be sent to the laboratory and if they are not looking for something in particular its not likely to yield much information. A lot of doctors do take vitals as a standard practice because it's quick, costs nothing (aside from the initial cost of the tools used) and provides information and trends for that Doctor as well as other doctors you see in the same system. For example, lets say you go to the dermatologist because you have a patch of red in that looks like a rash. They take your vitals, Doctor comes in and looks at your chart, asks a few questions, etc.. Looking at your medical record they could see an unusual change in weight, blood pressure, or other factors that would be consistent with having a skin problem flair up due to stress. Even an orthodontist or dentist can use it because something like blood pressure and heart rate will give them insight to stress they may have because they simply don't like going to the dentist. Because of that they may take more time explaining what they're doing so you know what is going on and help you relax, or even something as simple as having extra gauze ready because if you start to bleed you're likely to bleed more. Just because it does not apply to you, there are a lot of people it does apply to and there's no harm in having additional data when it's so easy to collect.

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#14 Here's your "e" for urin, Your welcome.

My dermatologist and my dentist have nothing to do with each other. They don't know what the other one does and they certainly do not care about some "stress levels" gained by taking my blood pressure. As someone else said, you could have stress because you forgot your cell phone that day or have a higher heart rate because you got there by bike. It has no meaning. It also doesn't have any meaning if you came by bike the last time some months ago and also had a higher heart rate. If you have a rash which could be due to stress, they will ask you if you have stress. It has nothing to do with vitals. Taking vitals might not cost anything but it's totally unnecessary and I really cannot believe that all your doctors take them every time you go there for whatever reason.

#20 I know how to write "you're welcome", you know how to write "urine". Guess it says a lot about the both of us.

My dental clinic takes BP regularly, because they're concerned for the patient as a whole. Many patients go to the dentist regularly, but only go to the doctor when in pain, so my clinic sees BP as a cheap quick (1 min) way of potentially saving someone grief. They've sent several patients (who had weird changes) to go see a doctor, who were able to diagnose and treat a medical condition before it got worse. Also, as someone said, the whole body is connected. Oral health has been linked to systemic things (such as hypertension) which is another reason why they check BP. I'm sure other medical fields have similar connections. In any case, I could understand why she'd drink coffee if she goes to that doctor regularly and they normaly don't check. I know that not all dentists/doctors check. But at the same time, you never know what they will find and if they'll want to take BP for some special reason, so I think waiting till after the app to chug down that delicious caffeine is generally wiser.

When I go to the ob/gyn they weigh me, measure my height, take my blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature. Even if it is just to get my shot.

Well, I am happy that when you go to a doctor here they focus on your problems and don't collect non-relevant data just because. And I think I'll take the risk that my orthopedist overlooks an improbable heart disease.

Generally when people say they are "going to the doctor" they mean the doctor that does the checkups or medical examinations. While technically the other types are still doctors in that they have a doctorate degree, they are called by other names, not just plain "doctor".

#28 I've worked in dental for 15 years & the only time we've ever taken vitals is before an extraction or extractions. That's the only time your vitals are important to your dental hygiene. I'd check your billing to make sure there's no underlying charge to your insurance for your vitals being taken. Wouldn't be the first time I've seen it happen. Oh & I care whole heartedly about my patients health & hygiene even without taking their vitals. As for op's caffeine intake, if he/she regularly downs two cups of coffee a day then they need to do so on mornings of medical (& dental) appointments unless otherwise specified or else that will throw their body's vitals off.

#41 No extra charge, I've checked. And I didn't mean to imply that those who don't take BP don't care for their patients. I was simply explaining my particular clinic's reasoning. There's so many things a health practitioner could do for their patients, so I'm sure there are extra services your clinic offers freely (or cheaper than average) that mine doesn't. My point was more to support the statement that BP can potentially be taken in other health fields, and that it depends on the establishment. If two cups a day are her regular, then I guess you'd be right (though it is a sign of caffeine dependence) however I was assuming from the situation it was more to help keep her alert, and not a regular thing.

Nothing better than having to get stuff done involuntarily. Root for the nap.

Were you going to see the doctor about how you need two cups of coffee to be able to make an appointment? Because that would be unfortunate.

Why do you need to clear the whole day for an appointment? I get if you have a day of testing, but for one appointment that seems excessive.

Especially if it's so early that you'd need two cups of coffee to wake up for it. I just hope the appointment wasn't for caffeine addiction.

Yeah, having the whole day off is really rough. I hope you can make it through OP! Hang in there! Keep your head up! Don't spit into the wind, conserve water and always recycle when you can!

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Maybe if you expresso how you feel to the doctor, you'll get another shot at going in today?

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Rolling my eyes at everyone freaking out about vitals. Perhaps they got the first appointment with a specialist and had to drive 1.5 hrs to get there (very common in the DWF area) and by then the effects would lessen. Or it was a routine xtray. I've had stressful days where I'd had to rush and my blood pressure was abnormally high. They tell me it's high, I say I was rushing. He can tell them it's high due to caffeine. I really just came here to say c that that sometimes you CAN say you can't reschedule and they will work you in or get you in with another doctor. If it was important enough to clear a whOle day, I bet it's important to be seen.

So? Go see a movie. These things happen all the time.

Tell them there's a cancellation fee since they didn't give you sufficient notice. Joking aside, sorry it messed up your plans for your whole day. Since you're so wired, maybe you can find something to keep you busy. That one thing there is never enough time in the day for.