By nitemastr15 - 28/11/2015 00:18 - United States - Fort Worth

Today, while shopping for Black Friday, I got in line, hoping to get an Xbox One. I spent so long mistakenly standing in line for the bathroom that the store had sold out by the time I realized my mistake. FML
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Ok guys, OP here. Just to clarify, me and my brother each decided that I would get the PS4 and he would get the X-box One. He didn't have the money for his when I had the money for mine and he was really bummed out so I decided I was going to buy the console he wanted with my money and wait for my PS4. Fortunately though, he received an X-box One from his girlfriend the next day so it's actually a good thing I didn't end up being able to get one.

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Yep, the XBox One comes in three versions: Men's, Women's, and Single-Person Stall.


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Ah, cyber Monday. Where all the bots buy out the merchandise and post it on eBay.

Yeah... I'm sorry, couldn't help myself. But realistically I'm amazed it was that long, you'd think everyone would be rushing to get the deals and would rather shit themselves than miss out

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At least you did something right by wanting an Xbox One instead of a PS4

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Even though a PS4 is proven better :/

You're all inferior, I play my video games on a live yak.

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Proven better? Yeah ok.... PS4 is for noobs and chicks who pretend to be gamers. Xbox is where all the serious gamers are at dude. The gamer community on PS4 is a joke, if you want to play with the best, go Microsoft.

Calm down everyone, just respect that everyone likes different things.

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Don't tell them to calm down. The fighting is why I made my comment. personally I don't give a crap.

Everyone arguing and I'm here mourning the loss of my Nintendo DS. Rest in peace, you'll never be forgotten.

#45 bro chill, i have both consoles but i prefer the ps4 and thats ok because its a matter opinion and if you cant respect peoples opinions then ur pretty immature

Its not really a matter of opinion, the ps4 has better hardware. Thats a fact. Xbone is the worse console. Thats what the ps4 gamers say. Facts. The xbox gamers argument however is nothing but opinions.

Sorry, I was too busy playing shovel knight, smash, and splatoon to notice the fight; is it too late to grab popcorn?

Lol PS4 is proven to be better technologically, and has a bigger and more diverse playerbase. Battlefront alone has more players on th4 PS4 than Xbox and PC combined. Nice try loser, PS4 IS proven better.

Damn, the line to the bathroom was that long?

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You can find just as good a deal on an Xbox One at any point throughout the year if you shop around online. You don't need to wait until Black Friday for a big name shop to discount it in order to get a good deal. Most retailers buy it wholesale for a price - it's just a matter of looking hard enough to find the seller offering the low margins for that incredible deal.

I got my Xbox one at target on Friday. It cost 299, but it came with gears of war and a $60 gift card. that's a pretty good deal imo since I was able to buy fallout 4 with the gift card.

Holy shit. You know times are tough when here that would be around R$ 1200, but the cheapest I found was R$1420. All I bought was a t-shirt.

I don't know how that is even possible.

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You divide by 2 and if there is no remainder....

Yep, the XBox One comes in three versions: Men's, Women's, and Single-Person Stall.

And with extra hand dryer and a mirror too.