By Cuppycake - Canada
Today, I went on a first date with a guy. He parked his truck and reached in his door side pocket and grabbed a little black zippered bag. Seeing this, I burst out laughing saying, "Wow, what's that, your change purse?" He replied, "No, I'm diabetic, this is my blood sugar monitor." FML
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  cptmorgan15  |  2

52, what the hell are you talking about? Seeing as it's their first date, I highly doubt they're in love. And chances are she was just joking around, but it happened to be a terrible time to make that joke.

  katTKD  |  0

58- I think that went to the wrong post. I'm guessing it was meant for the mother-in-law story. sometimes comments get sent to other stories for some odd reason lol

  fumsup  |  2

people do joke around! you know relieve tension, lighten the mood, hell even to just have fun. you can't call her a bitch. she had no idea he was a diabetic. she just said the wrong thing at the wrong time. some people are just way to serious!

  gr8koolkat  |  6

It's funny, how everyone assumes she's a bitch or 'rude'. Ok so it was a bad joke, but the thing is that FML doesn't show the reaction when she finds out that it's for diabetes, she probably would've been really sorry. Don't judge people before you know, it's ridiculous. Just out of curiosity I wonder what her reaction would've been if it actually WAS a change purse, haha! x

By  fadingaway  |  17

YDi. Why would you burst out laughing anyway? I don't see what's funny about a little black bag. Even if it was a purse, guys are allowed to carry things in them too.