By gutav indogop - 24/06/2011 06:47 - Switzerland

Today, one of my students corrected the problem I had solved on the board, explaining that you do multiplication before subtraction. I teach the second grade. FML
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maybe u shud let the kid teach

Reminds me of those facebook groups... 1+1+1+1+1+1 x 0 = ? And so many people put 0 ...

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what did u go to college for then if the student is smarter than you?

OPs got a masters in ****** stupid teacher who gets corrected by her second grade students.

Yepp it's PEMDAS technacially BPEMDAS Brackets, parenthesis, exponents, multiplication/division, and addition/subtraction

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally, damn that teacher needs to memorize that soon or OP could lose their job.

Haha, it's order of operations. BEDMAS (Brackets Exponents Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction). I didn't learn that until grade 6, and yet a group of 8-year-olds know it so well that they are correcting the teacher?! Man, teaching in schools has certainly changed fast.

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62- the answer IS 0. Anything times 0 equals 0.

Uhm you idiot you do multiplication first even though at least 3 ppl have made a comment about beams you ignore it. 1+1+1+1+1+1x0= 1+1+1+1+1+(1x0)= 1+1+1+1+1+0= 1+1+1+1+1=5 to everyone else I know that there is a simpler way to do this but I'm just explaining it to the ones who don't understand math.

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what if the student apparently was a genius but was holding back his knowledge so he could stay with kids his age instead of ending up in highschool at the age of 12 and college at the age of 16.. 0.o

Did you buy a fake bachelor's degree in teaching or something?

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It's not the teachers fault. Nobody used Order of Operations unless told otherwise in Elementary.

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"everybody has those days. everybody gets that way. everybody knows what what I'm talking bout everybody gets that way" -Hannah Montana (nobodys perfect?) don't ask how I know this^

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corrects op, the second grade teaches you**

Only if you read the equation from left to right like words from a book and forget to attend to order of operations, which happens to be the subject of this FML, *******. I love how you need to call someone else a retard, as well.

Put that in a calculator, see how it works out for you, you crayon-eating, special bugger.

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please excuse my dear aunt sally

everyone makes mistakes. atleest you know he's paying attention

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no it's a fml post because kids in 2nd grade get taught order or operations in about 5th-8th grade she said one 2nd grader corrected her so now her whole class is like WTF!??

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at least you teach your students well

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#53, you're not that bright yourself.

Unless they were using the word provided by urban dictionary instead of the word provided by a real dictionary. This is the problem with urban dictionary, those of us that aren't hip seem like spelling Nazi's. In any case I think I've heard someone say that word as a joke before, although I think it's spelled geneous. Just to be on the safe side I am responding to #53.

71, the urban dictionary word is genious, and the definition is someone who is too stupid to spell genius.

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#3 I hate your picture he murdered many many people.

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Is that a lame joke from the movie "PeggySue got Married"? **I love Nicolas Cage!(:

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kids say the darndest things! can you issue detention?

Why would he? All the student did was correct him.

I'm not the smartest cookie- but I'm thinkn the detention thing was a joke.

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I'm sorry but am I the only one disturbed by this guys picture??

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not if it's a private school which I'm guessing it is

but the order of operations is kinda pushing it

Maybe Swiss kids are just really awesome. They made room in the curriculum for more math education after they stopped teaching them all how to use pikes 2 years ago.

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I learned all about multiplaction the second grad including order of operartions. we didn't do exponents until 6 grade.

well actualy in many part of south america and im guessing also in Europe kids learn math faster and more advanced than in the US. My cousin was learning multiplication in 2 grade while I learned it in 3 or 4 in the US.

I learned it in 3rd. and 39(?) I agree order of operations is pushing it but I had a older sister who liked to play teacher and learned a few things early that way. maybe the kid is in a similar situation.

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I went to private school and we learned multiplication in 2nd grade

they normally teach the 5's 2's 10's that's what they normally teach but it changes from school to school

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i started in first! god u thnk were dumb or sumthin?!

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Switzerland teaching plans differ from state to state but most teach addition, substraction, multiplication and division between 0 and 100 in the second class.

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I learned multiplication in first grade... :

I learned it in 1st grade and I live in the US...

I guess that's why you're a horrible speller as well, 114.

no, now that schools are pushing kids to learn things sooner than they would normally. new curriculum, you know? but still, no 2nd grader should have to be doing multiplication, let alone the order of operations. I didn't learn about order of operations until 6th grade, and I'm only in 8th.

don't try out for 'are you smarter than a 5th grader' or, y'know, go out by yourself. or answer the door for strangers.

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looks like you never got taught a lot of things

I didn't get it until like 5th. Maybe things are more advanced where op is from.

gayboii is from Glasgow, in Scotland we get taught differently from America :) nice to notice another scot on FML

thanks (: nice to meet you... im ryan

When did you get taught order of operations? I don't know what age a 2nd grade kid is because countries all have different age-to-grade systems. We were taught it year 7 or 8 (11-12 years old 1st or 2nd year of high school)

16, you just *taught* me that you are indeed stupid.

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111, you just *taught* me that you are a bitch. I'm also aware you are going to reply back to this. You are probably first going to correct my grammar, then, you will probably use words that you think make you appear smarter than you are. Oh, god. I must prepare the tissues for the tears that are sure to fall from my eyes when you diss me. boo-hoo. sniffle sniffle.

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142 just went into total twat-mode

gayboii needs to stop blowing sharpies and read a book for once.

Let's stop being mean to gaiiboy, it's getting old.

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it's funny because nobody was talking to #142 to begin with. :)

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Geez ,somone got a little mad and p.s. Mind your own beeswax

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everybody makes mistakes don't feel bad for it

agreed easy mistake at least the principal wasn't there to see it

Depends how old the kid is, we weren't taught order of operations until we were about 11. I don't know how old a 2nd grader would be as we don't have the same grade system here. Before we were taught BODMAS it was always 'go left to right' as they were only teaching us how to add and multiply etc

Whao... BEDMAS wasn't till 8th grade over here... Watch that one. His parents might take over the world.

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It stands for the order in which to solve a problem. so its: Bracket, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction.

I learned bodmas or bomdas but in Scotland we learn it at 11/12 (highschool)

Looks like other countries outside the US use a different acronym.

yeah... im scottish too (: i thought i was the only one that learnt that in highschool

In Australia, we learn BOMDAS in about grade 4 or 5.

84, in the US, 'P' stands for parentheses and other countries, 'B' stands for brackets. Same thing, just different wording.

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I learnt pedmas (I go to a French school) but I learnt it like second grade

Brackets, Orders, Division or Multiplication, Addition or Subtraction. We, in the UK, use Brackets instead of Parentheses and Orders instead of Exponents.

where I go to school we did pedmas, please excuse my dear aunt sally, parentheses, exponents, division, multiplication, addition, then 2nd grade

#108, Not to sound like a closeminded American, but... I find it a little redundant and unclear to have the word 'order' as a step in the 'order of operations.'

Some people were taught 'Of' like 'powers of' but a lot of previous pupils at my school were somehow confused by that and they thought we'd be confused by exponents too. If I have to think about it now I use BEDMAS because to me exponents makes more sense to me!

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I learned it in French: PEDMAS=Paranthèses, Exponents (or something like that), Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction

#143 BEDMAS, BIDMAS, BODMAS, BERDMAS, PERDMAS, PEMDAS, and BPODMAS are all used it's all the same thing..

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pemdas. whomever put pedmas then please excuse my dear aunt Sally you are retarded because that is pemdas if u make it an acronym. you can't save em all

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Its pemdas but you might have been taught differently no offense