By raquelcita - United States - Winter Park
Today, I went to my boss with concerns that my manager is dumping her responsibilities on me. He agreed and told me to just do whatever she wants. She gets paid twice as much as me to talk on her cellphone all day. FML
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  Bibliovore  |  26

Any chance the boss is gathering evidence to fire the manager? If that IS the what's happening, and OP has already proved able to do the work, perhaps a promotion is on the way. In OP's shoes, if I wanted the manager's job I'd decide how long to keep at it just in case, then go to HR if nothing had changed by then.

By  BoxFullOfLazy  |  25

Follow the chain of command. If your boss isn't doing anything about it, then go to the next level up. Or perhaps he knows something you don't. He could be gathering evidence to support letting her go, so you could just let it play out and see what happens.

By  sparkles8595  |  20

My supervisor does the same exact thing! When she isn't talking on the phone, she's taking selfies. And always telling me to do things she should be doing. When I went to higher up management they told me they didn't believe me. OP Definitely talk to someone higher up than the manager you talked to, because thats not right at all.