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  Lalala579121  |  27

They would have to make a sub account for themselves, not the children. I kinda doubt kids are going to bother switching profiles every time they turn it on.

By  Dat_Class_Tho  |  26

Well, not figuring out the password system before doing a full lockout was just silly of you. But good on you for trying to be proactive with your kids' entertainment.

Too many parents bitch about mature video games being made, when the real problem is that they'll buy their kids any damn game without bothering to check the rating.

By  alex_gen  |  38

Do neither of you have a TV or a laptop? Besides, if you don't want them playing adult games, don't let them have the discs. As simple as that. If they don't have access to the aforementioned games, then there's no need for parental controls.

By  Wizardo  |  33

Make your first user the parent account and then make a secondary account for your kids with parental controls. You can always go to the PlayStation forums and FAQs to sort this out.