By Urinal Fresh - Australia
Today, I vacuumed my car as I'm trying to sell it. After the interior was clean, I sprayed some air freshener. The chosen smell was "new car". I think they mislabeled it, as my car now smells like urinal cakes. I have two potential buyers coming tomorrow. FML
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  philipino  |  24

Lol, but it seems like you're trying to make me mad. Whatever. It was a true apology, and if you want to be a dick about it, suit yourself. I'm not trying to troll on FML. Take my word on this. I skim a lot. I'm an asshole, sure. But I read it as "maybe your mom mislabeled it". Forgive me for telling the truth.

  AgeOfTerror  |  10

I meant that if both he and the buyer know that it's in-fact not a new car, what's the point of scenting it LIKE one? I'm aware the reason is to sell it, but I'd personally buy a different scent.