By Beccarr - 01/07/2009 17:04 - United Kingdom

Today, it was boiling hot so my boyfriend and I decided to sunbathe in the garden and ended up falling asleep for a few hours. Not only is my back so burnt that I can't lie down, I also have a white hand print on my upper back where my boyfriend had left his arm while we slept. FML
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irishlassie731 0

Also, if it was boiling hot, why would you voluntarily go outside...where it's boiling hot?

fxdxhk90 0

Could have been in worse areas.


fxdxhk90 0

Could have been in worse areas.

That's what I thought. Wouldn't LOWER back be more of an FML?

suaveneanderthal 0

lol thats kinda cute.

how worse?! upper back is going to show if she wears tank tops! that SUCKS!

No it doesn't. If you seriously worry about that, you're wasting your time.

easylazy 0


kellanlvr 1

true atleast it wasn't on your "special" places XD

ireneaaftink 0

I saw that on the beach lately... Only it was her but&lower, and the man had a giant hand... fherlife


irishlassie731 0

No one cares.

You obviously care enough to respond ;)

U might be second to reply to this FML but the last to lose your virginity.

_cheeseballs 0

'sunbathe' Ydi. Warnings about Skin cancer are advertised everywhere. Take notice.

babyhollywood 0

mostly* everyone sunbathes. you can't change the world. if she wants to sunbathe, its her skin. doesn't mean she deserves to fall asleep & turn into a lobster.

_cheeseballs 0

No, not everyone sunbathes. :)

Yes she deserves it. Not everyone sunbathes, I don't know what idiot came up with intentionally cooking your skin with radiation.

safirestar09 0

...I like to sunbathe... but I take care not to fall asleep... Does that mean I deserve skin cancer because I like to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin?!

Nobody 'deserves' skin cancer assholes. That's like saying anyone who drives 'deserves' to get in a wreck. Quit being so judgmental. I'm sure that you aren't perfect so shut the **** up. Skin cancer is a horrible disease..

ha ha ha that's funny!

vanessa_nessa_08 0

aaahhh what assholes. unlike that shit quick and hope not too many people noticed. or leave it there and pretend you did it on purpose.

Wrong FML.

ithedarkknight 0

lol have sex???

bb1_00 0

YDI how are you both going to fall asleep out of nowhere ... that's just dumb....

UrStoopid 0

i have a better question, if it was "boiling hot" why would you be outside in the heat instead of inside in some air conditioned room?

Because here in the UK, we don't get hot days enough to take the time and the money to install air conditioning.

yeah okay, big deal.

isent is called sun tan.. not sun bathe?

UrStoopid 0 get a tan from sun bathing. You have to sun BATHE to get a sun TAN.

YDI. Yeah it's nice to sunbathe and get a tan. There's tanning and there is just plain stupid, though. Today it was 42 celsius in the sun, with a UV index of 8 >.>