By dfan13 - 01/07/2009 16:31 - United States

Today, I was home alone in the shower when in the opening of the curtain, I could see a man in a ski mask. I passed out, hit my head on the tub. I then found out it was my dad pulling a prank on me. I almost died cause my dad wanted to see me scream like a girl. FML
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dfan13 tells us more.

Hey, original poster here.. He wasnt trying to see me naked. We have a shower curtain where u can see out if ur in the shower but cant see in if your out. And i did almost die because i cracked my head open.

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You need to start plotting your revenge, may I suggest buying one of those fake lottery tickets, then filming his reaction when he thinks he won.


ahahahahaha oh my gosh thats terrible !

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#125! you perv! He's talking about his dad! jackass.

How is he the perv when his father was waiting in the shower? If I wanted to scare someone, I'd wait in their closet and then pop out. It's much less gay to wait somewhere where people are clothed... Edit: Oh, and no pun intended with the closet. Lullerskatesbbfqroflcopter

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ouch wow just to see you scream like a little girl? you should run away i mean that is scary i'd have cried cuz that has happened with me. my lil sis was a peeper, staring though my window and tons more. well. run awa

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I'm going to reply to the first post to get my comment on the top, even though my comment has nothing to do with the first one!

let's get something straight here: the OP did not almost die. getting knocked out was among the worst things that could have happened to him. Because his dad was right there, he could have called 911 if something even worse had happened. Stop exaggerating for attention. And yes, his dad is a creeper.

152 you fail. How old are you?


it seems like failed son killing attempt to me sorry bro shithappens time to man up and seek for revenge...

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You need to start plotting your revenge, may I suggest buying one of those fake lottery tickets, then filming his reaction when he thinks he won.

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lol, like an episode of Full House

I was thinking of Fresh Price of Bel-Air --- but they didn't film his reaction also how did you almost die?

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What do you mean "how did [he] almost die?" He hit his head on the tub when he passed out, dumbass. That could have easily killed him.

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i was thinking of that old movie psycho or something were the lady's in the shower and that guy opens the curtain and just kills her. i would have passed out too OP no worries

Do this. Then post the video on YouTube and share it with family and friends.

so, did OP scream like a gurl?

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lol your dad is cool but i cant lie if that happen to me i would of freaked the hell out and did the naked scared boy dance and fell lol...

he must feel like shit... YDI...

lol scary but hilarious

Lol funny but that must of hurt :(


I can't say I blame you, if that had been me I probably would have done the same thing.

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Fyl indeed. Blame him and make him make it up to u by buying u shut

so you passed out naked in the shower with you dad standing there with a ski mask on, what did he do then???

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Whoa, don't think like that dude...

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Good question.