Thanks, I hate it

By I'm Trading Up For A Dog - 14/12/2014 20:28 - Finland - Pori

Today, I finished a painting I'd spent 3 weeks working on for an exhibition. When I came back from lunch, my cat was perched above it on my desk. He looked at me, then down at the painting, then jumped down onto it. He slipped and smeared the wet paint everywhere, ruining the whole thing. FML
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I guess you can still submit it as modern art

what a catasstrophy


I guess you can still submit it as modern art

Alittleghosty 3


lol nicely done #11 XD

chlorinegreen 27

You can call it my damn cat

What I hate about some modern art is that a red dot in the middle of a canvas or even a blank canvas can even be called art. I could do that, but I couldn't make a Picasso or a Dalí.

Advertise it as a painting with the opinion of a cat expressed through it's lavish and emotional touches done so as to show the felines inner artist and deepest thoughts brought to voice in this world with no ears for cats...

modern art: "I could've done that" "yeah but you didn't"

Why not display the cat instead.

42-That would be the Japanese flag.

what a catasstrophy

That's exactly what my dad says :P

#23 how often does this happen to you

cat ass trophy?

catastrophe..proper spelling..would have worked too and would not have damaged your pun

martin8337 35

You've got to be kitten me. I'd be lion if I said these wordplay puns weren't funny. Ok, I'll stop it right meow.

You've cat to be kitten me right meow! Am I the only one wondering why the painting wasn't on an easel? Sounds like it was laying down where it shouldn't have been in the first place. You kinda deserved it.

Roskosity 22

#48 but the cat was being an asshole... So I liked his version better.

Thanks Cap'n

there was no legitimate reason to down vote her comment

People had spoken. It doesn't mean that people are right, it means they think the same. And they are many. They will stone their leader with morals if he stands in their way.

kristabelli 19

I guess you have a new rule: lock the art studio door so the cat can't get in there. That's heartbreaking OP. :(

Cats can be such assholes, that sucks OP. Call it Cat Attack? Story behind the painting!

You say that as if the cat deliberately did it, knowing it would upset her. :p

Cats come from Satan's arm. They are evilllll.

how did it not deliberately do it? people do the same thing before purposely destroy your stuff, in front of you. And after all, humans are mammals too.

#63 if your not a troll or not being sarcastic, you are an idiot.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I love how animals always seem to have a knack for doing just the wrong thing when it's most crucial :( A dog would just chew your painting up though, so I don't think you should trade up ;P

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Say a cat painted it and it double in value.

Gotta love cats. Mine slaps me in the face sometimes

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New title for the painting "my cat is an asshole

Art can be bizarre and unique. Call it "Catastrophe in Art". That has to be very disappointing, but try to turn it into a positive.