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By  PenguinPal3017  |  19

And here I was believing all men hated their mother in law!

By  maroongrad  |  13

Unless a family member decides to back you up in divorce court I can't see keeping in touch with any of them. You might add insult to injury by getting a lot of STI tests (probably a good idea anyways) and make your mom pay for them....
And please remember...don't be silent about it. If someone asks why you don't keep in touch with your family and tells you that you need those toxic people back in your life? Be quite simple about it. "My husband was unfaithful with my mother and the rest of the family chose not to tell me for months. I am currently working on rebuilding my faith in people and learning to trust again and have no interest in contacting them."
Point the finger squarely at them, without vitriol, just very matter-of-fact, and go on with your life. It's THEIR problem. I'm just so, so sorry you have to deal with all this :(

Make sure that before divorce proceedings, you find concrete evidence of infidelity. You need to also find evidence of your relatives knowingly hiding it from you. Should it go to court, if they are called to talk, and they lie, you have your proof that they perjured themselves, lying under oath, and a few other things that could land them in some severe trouble. This will all help your side of the divorce. After, make sure to move away(if possible), so that no one that had a hand in the deceit would be able to find you.

It's hard. It hurts. It will not stop hurting. But you need to do what is best for you, even if it means destroying the ties to anyone you called 'family'... Real family does not do this. EVER

By  NostalgiaFreak9  |  40

You mean to tell me not one member of your family had enough morals to rat those backstabbers out to you? It may be difficult given that this is your entire family, but I strongly recommend cutting them out of your life for good. If they're willing to keep your husband and mother stabbing you in the back a secret, who knows what else they're keeping from you, or are willing to keep from you. Oh, and get yourself tested. Better than to be safe than sorry when you caught your spouse cheating.